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DIgital pres

No description

Altamash Malik

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of DIgital pres

C&R Tree Initially there were 32561 records Preview the existing income data Segments Income data Prediction for who earns >50k Digital Technologies for Marketing Team members: Komal Dalal Heena Dhir Team members: Altamash Malik Akshay Jain Data Pre-processing Now there are 28610 records 12.1 % reduction Initial data analysis K Means clustering Income data for >50K Income test data for >50K Segmentation on the basis of gender Similarities Comparisons between the data sets Marital status The marital status of Females is Divorced by 36% compared to income data where Married-civ-spouse was 40% Occupation Age Age group varies slightly from 42 years to 46 years C&R Tree analysis Income test data Predictions Age: 46-47
Race: White
Class: Private
Nationality: USA
Occupation: Prof-Specialty
Education: Bachelors
Education Numbers: 13.0-13.5
Hours per week: 41 - 55 hours per week Conclusions The end! Thanks for listening! There will now be a Q and A session 1st Segment 2nd Segment Prof-speciality = 34.644 % Private
Bachelors Exec-managerial = 27.37%
Prof-speciality = 22.63% Professional speciliaty and executive managerial were the highest in both data sets
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