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Values and The Alligator River

No description

Edita Niauriene

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Values and The Alligator River

Values and The Alligator River
Value Auction
“Once upon a time there was a woman
who was in love with a man
. Gregory lived on the shore
of a river. Abigail lived on the opposite
shore of the river. The river which separated
the two lovers was teeming with man-eating
alligators. Unfortunately, the bridge had
been washed out.

Alligator river story
So she went to ask Sinbad, a riverboat captain, to take her across.

He said he would be glad to if agreed to...

Alligator river story
...sleep with him before the voyage.
She promptly refused and went to a friend
to explain her plight. Ivan did
not want to be involved at all in the situation.
Abigail felt her only alternative was to accept
Sinbad's terms.
fulfilled his promise
and delivered her into the arms of
When she told
how she was able to cross the river, Gregory cast her aside with disdain.
Heartsick and rejected,
turned to
with her story. Slug, feeling
compassion for Abigail, sought out Gregory
and beat him brutally. Abigail was overjoyed at the sight of Gregory getting his due. As the sun sets on the horizon, we hear Abigail laughing at Gregory”.

Rank the 5 characters in the story beginning with whom
you consider as the “most morally offensive” and end with the one whom you consider the “least objectionable.”

Abigail, Gregory, Sinbad, Ivan, Slug

1 ______________ (most guilty)
2 ______________
3 ______________
4 ______________
5 ______________ (least guilty)

Alligator river story
Alligator river story
Alligator river story
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