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Eaquals Talk

No description

Justin Quinn

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Eaquals Talk

How will a successful language school in 2025 differ from today?
So what will be different?
1. How will a successful language school in 2025 differ from today?
2. What impact will the internet have on Language Teaching? The role of the agent?
3. Will the profile of the language learner differ from the student of today?
4. How will “BYOD” Bring your own devise impact on the language learning sector?
5. Who will be the winners and losers in the next 10 years?
6. Will there be a greater demand for Quality over Quantity? a move to more regional cities ?
7. How will the internet affect the role of the agent? The school? The agent /school relationship?
8. How important will blended learning become over the next 10 -years?
1. Who are we teaching in 2025?
2. What will they want from the language experience?
3. How are we teaching them?
4. So, what’s the big difference?
5. How do we win in 2025

Who are we teaching in 2025?
Multi Taskers
The Paperless Generation: Digital Natives
The 'I want it now' Generation
What do they want?
Clear Communication and Honesty
The value of peer approval
The 'whole school experience'
Capable and competent teaching
Pricing: Standards and Quality
CES 1991
Online Platforms
Distance Training
Importance of real interaction
How are we teaching them?
1. Focus on the 'stay
2. Teachers as academics
3. Teacher Development
4. Quality in all areas
Listen to the market
Embrace Blended Learning and Innovation
Prioritize Quality of Education and engage in Teacher Development
Look at the whole student stay, not just the class
So how do we win in 2025?
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