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Open House

Open House 2011-2012

Jason Vislosky

on 28 September 2011

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Transcript of Open House

Mr. Vislosky's 2nd Grade Class About Me Our Schedule Subjects Rules Homework Monday Buzz Grading Scale Class Website Be Respectful.
Be Prepared.
Be Productive.
Be Safe. http://www.mrvislosky.com Reading (Spelling)
Language Arts (Writing/Grammar)
Social Studies
Special Area 7:55 Pledge of Allegiance/Announcements
8:00-9:45 Reading
9:45-10:30 Special Area
10:30-10:44 Mathematics (Introduction)
10:44-11:14 Lunch
11:20-12:05 Mathematics
12:05-12:35 Walk-To
12:35-1:05 Science
1:05-1:35 Language Arts
1:35-2:05 Social Studies
2:05 Dismissal (Early Release dismissal is 1:05) 100%-90%= A
89%-80%= B
79%-70%= C
69%-60%= D
59%-0%= F
I= Incomplete All spelling grades for a quarter are averaged and become one grade in reading. Why is there such a push for using technology? Recess Art
Music Testing Weekly Reading Assessments
Weekly Spelling and Dictation Assessments
Weekly Grammar Assessment
Reading District Assessments (Unit)
Math Topic and District Assessments
District Writing Assessments
Science and Social Studies Topic Assessments
Science and Social Studies Projects
Stanford Achievement Test (SAT 10)
Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) D or F on a test? Sign the test, send it back, and they will be allowed to correct their errors and explain how they got their new answer.
*Please do not correct the answers at home*
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