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media+technology+common core

No description

Tori Gredvig

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of media+technology+common core

What specific things will change in your content area next year? On a scale of 1-5, rank your readiness for these changes. information skills technology skills content area information skills technology skills content area information and technology skills content area information and technology skills content area keyword searching "looking things up" video/audio editing citations & attributions taking notes annotating text using online resources digital collaboration file organization assessing source reliability linking units lessons objectives projects research
persuasive essays
video projects
newscasts what this looks like idea bouncing
"formal" planning
step-by-step project plan
long-term unit plan
PLC collaboration pulling resources
helpful hand
full lesson
multi-day project planning teaching what this isn't taking over your class
giving you a lesson to teach
teaching skills out of context
an isolated incident our goals for next year vertically align skills & exposure for each grade level
provide professional development
begin fully integrating these skills what you can do reflect!
identify areas you aren't ready for
talk to us about your plans common core digital citizenship avoiding plagiarism
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