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No description

Alia Farida

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of CATCH US IF YOU CAN.....

Question 33 in Paper 2
Total marks of 15
10 m for Contents
5 m for Language
Mainly on:
Characters & characteristics
Significance of the title of the story
One event you can remember

Sample question
Based on the novel, ‘Catch Us If You Can’, suggest whether you like the ending of the story. Give evidence to support your answer.
Sample answer - Introduction
Based on the novel that I have learnt in Form 5, ‘Catch Us If You Can’, written by an eminent author, Catherine MacPhail, I like its ending due to several reasons. Some of the reasons include the family is able to be reunited, Rory’s father, Jeff McIntosh is finally given the chance to carry out his responsibility as a father to Rory as well as a son to Granda besides reducing Rory’s burden to look after his grandfather.
Questions from past years SPM
SPM 2013
Write about an important decision made by
of the characters. With close reference to the text, explain how it affect the other character(s).

SPM 2012
Based on the novel you have studied, write about an event that makes you angry.

SPM 2011
Which part of the story you like the most?

SPM 2010
Write about an important incident that you remember
Start with your first point
Second point
Next, another reason why I love its ending is because Rory’s father is now given the opportunity to carry out his responsibility. It is the time for Jeff McIntosh to take up the responsibility to take care of his son, Rory. Rory, who is very young, needs education, care and love from his parents. On the other hand, Jeff McIntosh is also given the chance to look after his father, Granda. After leaving his family for so many years, he should now ask for forgiveness from Granda. It is also the time where he is able to portray good examples to his son, Rory by taking care of his father. Therefore, this is one of the main reasons why I like its ending.
Third point
On the other hand, I like this ending because it helps to create lesser burden to Rory. Rory, who is still very young, should not be given the task to take care of his grandfather, Granda, who is old, ill and has lapses of memory. It is indeed a burden to him because this may affect his study and growing process. It is also not suitable for him to take up the responsiblility to look after his Granda as he is still a primary student. At the same time, this helps to ensure that he is able to get sufficient education at this age. So, another reason why I like the ending of the novel is because Rory’s burden has been reduced throughout his growth.
In a nutshell, there are a few reasons why I like the ending of the novel ‘Catch Us If You Can’. To name a few, Rory and his family are reunited, Jeff McIntosh is given the chance to carry out his responsibility and Rory’s burden has lessened.
Closing / conclusion
First and foremost, Rory and his family are reunited at last. Rory and Granda can both stay away from their torturing homes in Rachnadar and Castle Street respectively. Rory will then be able to get warmth from his family. As a teenager, it is indeed necessary for him to be raised up in a healthy family to ensure that he is well taught and nurtured. Thus, one of the reasons I like the ending of this novel is because Rory’s family is finally reunited after a long period of time.
Answering technique (structure)
R - Reason(s)
E - Evidence
A - Analysis
J - Justification
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