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Library Induction

A walk through the library

Lesley Holland

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Library Induction

Library Induction 2013/14
Welcome to the library
By the end of this session you should know:
How to use the library and
How to access

Library account
Library resources
IT account
Print account
Student Intranet

Library Catalogue
Computers and Printing
Many of the computers are walk up machines that you may log on to.
You should now know
How to join
What you can borrow
How to log on to a PC
How to access your printing
Remember the staff are here to help you. You will also find information on the library pages of the student intranet at

A few rules
If a fire alarm sounds use the fire exits and go to the assembly point in the car park
The library and IT centres are learning environments this means
Eating is not allowed and drinking only from sports bottles
You are expected to work quietly
LRC staff may ask you to leave if you ignore these rules

Join the Library
Take your student ID card to the library desk or register online using the form on the library intranet pages
You can borrow up
to 4 items and renew
them up to 3 times
if they are not reserved
by another student
You will have access to
books, magazines, DVDs,
e-resources and PCs

Overdue items are charged
at 10 pence per item per day.
Large fines could lead to
your access to computers being
You can search across all
fields or narrow searches
to keyword, title, subject or

For more information
please ask a member of
You can access the catalogue
from any PC in the college
or anywhere with an internet
Your session will last 1 hour with the opportunity to extend a further 1/2 hour
Swipe your ID card, press option 1 for your first password
Log on to a college computer and change your password
Forgotten your password? It's back to the netmania box and
swipe your card again
Netmania Box
You will need to use one of the printers in the library or IT centre to activate your account
Tap your card on the reader and follow the directions on the screen
Next time you tap your card your print details will be on screen along with the cost
You can put credits on your print account using the Netmania box
A4 Black is 5 pence per side

A4 color is 25 pence per side
Printers will default to black and white double sided printing
You may also use your account to photocopy with the same charges applying

Remember you need your ID card to print
Find the catalogue in favorites on Internet Explorer
Click here

e resources
You can manage your account
online by asking staff for a PIN
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