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Gods of the Greek mythology

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Doolotkeldi Tungatarov

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of Gods of the Greek mythology

What is mythology?
Myths are thought to be an unreal tail about something interesting and very weird by most of people in the world, but it is something another... Myth - it is an evidence that explains things that people couldn't explain in old times. Mythology is the science of myths. Ancient Greeks explained most of the things as appearances of the Gods (e.g. anger, happiness). So now let us talk about the twelve Gods of Olympus.
Zeus - the main God
Aphrodite - born from seafoam, is the goddess of love and beauty. Daughter of Zeus and oracular Titanide named Dione.
Zeus - the supreme god, the god of lightning, thunder and strength (he got lightning from cyclops, and strength from Hecatonchires). He had many wives and children - gods or demigods.
How was the world created?
In greek mythology it says that before the world there was only an empty, scary, dark place which Greeks called Chaos. From it were born mother-earth Gaia and god of love Eros, and after, sky - Uranus, and Pont - sea. Gaia and Uranus had many children, and they were tremendous, so Uranus covered Gaia them not to go out of her. First children were six Titans and six Titanides, and then three tremendous Cyclops (each had one eye that shot with lightning) and Hecatonchires (Hundred-handed). Hecatonchires had fifty heads and one hundred arms that had great power.But they all were causing untold suffering to Gaia, and she wanted her children to go against their father, and only one of them ventured to do that - Kron. He divided Gaia and Uranus by a sickle that Gaia had born, but Kron was told that one of his children will take his throne, so he decided to eat them. That happened to Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Hestia and Demeter. But Rhea (Kron's wife), at the last moment, gave him a rock in a nappy not the child - Zeus. Then he grew up and revenged with help of all the children of Gaia, and became the ruler of the world.
Gods of the Greek mythology
Hera - queen of gods and goddesses, wife of Zeus, goddess of marriage, women and birth.
Poseidon - mighty god, brother of Zeus. He is the god of seas, earthquakes, storms and horses, and he is the father of many Sea-monsters.
Athena is a goddess that was born from the head of Zeus (that Hephaestus cut by the order of Zeus) in full battle arming. Her mother was Metis (thought), which was eaten by Zeus because it was said that after a girl, she will bore a boy, that will take his throne. Goddess of justice, just war, and wisdom, favourite daughter of Zeus and patroness of Athens.
Hestia is the goddess of home, architecture and family. Daughter of Titans Kron and Rhea.
Dionysus is the god of grapes, wine and merry making. He is only half Olympian.
Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto, he is the god of sun, light, music, poetry and art.
Hephaestus - son of Zeus and Hera, god of metal work and inventions. Being a child he was thrown down from Olympus by his mother (and became lame), because he was ugly, but then he was tought how to use metal by Titanide Tethys, and he made a throne that would catch Hera when she sits on it. So after it happened, gods asked him back to free Hera, and he made two conditions: he will live on Olympus, and marry Aphrodite. And now, he is one of the twelve main gods. And he is the only master god: he made the lightnings of Zeus, Trident of Poseidon, arrows of Apollo and Artemis...
God Hermes is the messenger of the Gods, and is son of Zeus and pleiad named Maia. He is the god of trading, thieves and travelers. He wears shoes with wings that make him faster.
Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera, and is the god of war. He liked to kill and beat, and often went down to fight in wars.
Demeter is the goddess of agriculture, harvest and fertility. Daughter of Titan and Titanide named Kron and Rhea.
Artemis is a twin of Apollo, she is the goddess of moon, hunt, and forests.
Hades and Persephone
Hades and Persephone are not the gods of Olympus, but they are the gods of underworld.
Persephone the daughter of Demeter.
Son of Zeus and Semele (mortal woman).
Cerberus - the guard of the Underworld.Thr-ee-headed dog with a body covered by lots of snake heads.
Map of the Underworld.
Even now Hermes' stick Caduceus is a symbol medicine.
Elysian fields - the ancient Greek paradise.
Tartarus - the ancient Greek hell.
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