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The Mohawk Tribe By Ethan Spoth

No description

M2K Kids

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of The Mohawk Tribe By Ethan Spoth

The Mohawk Tribe By Ethan Spoth
Location Of The Mohawk's
Mohawks have always lived in New York and Quebec.They loved forests and open land.By where the Mohawks live, Mohawk's set up walls from hunters & animals.The Mohawk's usually set up towns in the middle of the forest.Now you know about the Mohawk's location.
Housing Of The Mohawk's
The Mohawk's usually have many features to their houses.Their houses were called long houses, and they were made of bark and hay poles.Also. they have compartments or rooms. They can reach as long as 20-300 feet long.Now you know about the Mohawk's housing.
Clothing of the Mohawk's
The Mohawks have many different styles to their clothing.The men wore breech clothes and leggings. The women wore wrap around shirts and leggings. During wars men shaved their head and left a Mohawk or a crest.Those are some styles of the Mohawk tribe.
Food of the Mohawk's
The Mohawk's are hunters and farmers. They eat meat,fruits, and vegetables. Also, they cook corn bread, soups and stews. Mohawk's hunt animals and grow crops and other farming crops. Mohawk's hunt mostly turkey and deer. Now you know about the Mohawk's food.
Interesting Facts about The Mohawks'
Here are some interesting facts about the Mohawk tribe. Mohawk's were man eaters; they were though to eat parts of the humans that they killed. Men hunted, traded and were sent off to war. Mohawk children hunt and fish with their fathers. Those are some interesting facts of the Mohawk tribe.
Arts & Crafts of the Mohawk's
Mohawk's do many things for arts and crafts.Mohawks make mask carvings. They also use porcupine quill work.They make wampum out of white and purple shell beads.That some of what the Mohawks do for arts and crafts.
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