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Isabel Padilla

No description

8a Everest

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Isabel Padilla

Isabel Padilla
My Career Goals

What I Need To Accomplish
I need to start getting better grades in school especially in Grammar & Writing and Literature
In High School, I need to join argument and debate if ever Everest opens a debate club
I should apply to college in either
Ateneo de Manila,

UP Diliman
, or
La Salle Taft
. All three schools have Law Courses so I should already start thinking about which school I should pick to study in
I should already start reading law books that my dad has and understand laws and concepts of law and different types of governments around the world.
The Lawyers Pros and Cons


Usually pays very well
Makes use of writing and speaking skills
Gives an opportunity to help people
Exciting and diverse
Opportunities to travel around the world to meet clients
Can be very corrupt
Is one of the highest-stress jobs
Requires lots of studying and reading of long books
Lets you defend people who are guilty
Often leaves you with no free time because of the pile of work
What I'll Need to Become A Lawyer
1. I need to be
because in Law many people bring you down and try to hurt you especially if they are your
. Many professors in Law school also
you and test your patience to see how strong you can get.

2. I need to
work hard
Law school
has a lot of coverage in lessons and memorizing piles of work can be very difficult to absorb all at the same time.

3. I need to be more
because lawyers often have to wait to get
and many court cases take very long to finish.
Lawyers in the Family
In the Padilla side of the family, many of my uncles, grand-uncles, and aunts are lawyers. Some of them have worked abroad in New York and others have stayed in Manila to work for their law firm and manage their individual companies and projects.

My dad, who I am very close to is a lawyer and him and I share the same taste in books, movies, jokes, essays, and styles of debates. I believe it was him who inspired me to be a lawyer and made me motivated to work like him. Maybe the lawyer gene is really in the Padilla blood!! Haha!
Isabel Padilla

I was born in Manila and grew up here ever since. I am the third of seven children and I studied here in Everest Academy Manila since Grade 5.

I love Grammar and Writing and I also enjoy Literature. Since I love to write and talk I want to be a lawyer and I really love to defend people when they go through difficult times and need support.

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