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Employee of the Month - OB

No description

Faghya Shafiq

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Employee of the Month - OB

Summary Motivation ? Problem #1 Motivation Faghya Shafiq
Martina Montero
Ryan Hayward
Harindee Samarasinghe
Michal Jeszka
Edward Zhu What is the basic problem Low job performance Lack of motivation Causes? 1 Low: Variety
Feedback What do
the workers
expect? Satisfaction
with the
Work Itself 2 3 Equity 4 Empowerment So WHAT? Counterproductive Behaviour Property Deviance Production Deviance Political Deviance Personal Aggression Possible
Solutions? Management by Objective Participating Selling Equality Results? Recognize Employees: Value each department equitably Set
goals Ideal Solution? Combination More often
Smaller manner Change

Criteria Keep track of top workers
Higher organizational commitment
Higher job performance Motivation Problem #2 ? Power &
Influence Imbalance in power dynamics
within the store Employees > bosses in power Causes? Legitimate & Coercive Power Not exercised Nonexistent High discretion Low visibility Contingencies
of Power Conflict resolution style: Accomodating Life Cycle Theory of Leadership Reward Power Exercised, but
ineffective Referent Power Moderate centrality So WHAT? Contingent Reward Transactional Leadership Ineffective leadership style Poor Job Performance No shared vision Results in.. No threat of consequences Management 1 2 Vince Expert Power Referent Power Conformist followers 3 Zach Inspirational Appeals Referent Power Transformational
Leadership Transactional Leadership Style: Selling Participating Ideal Solution? Accommodating Collaborating Contingency Plan 1 Hold staff meeting 2 Managers set departmental goals 3 Departmental recognition for achieving goals 4 Change in departmental supervision 5 Change in "Employee of the Month" criteria 6 Employees on same level = same benefits 7 Smaller, more frequent reward system 8 360-degree feedback 9 Team building exercises Thank you. Production Deviance Why did we choose this? Negotiation Method:
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