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No description

serenity horan

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of hellooo

as president, i will help our school by making lunch time funner!!! lunch time will get thirty more minutes of time. id's willl not be needed to get in and five star cheffs will be hired to cook anything you desire. during lunch you will be able to use your phones. lunch time will be ten times better than before!!!(: arent uniforms boring? dont you want to be able to wear free dress? well as president, serenity will make our school better by making every day a free day for everyone in the school. no uniform will be needed and no shirts will have to be tucked in . as president, serenity will help our school will our bullying issues. absolutly no bullying will be acceptable and any bullying seen anyware is to be reported emedetaly to be taken care of right away. serenity promises to keep our school safe!! hey! do you want to vote? do you want anybody to be president. of course not. you someone who you can depend on. vote for serenity! yeah it seems crazy but here are some reasons. presidencial laws vote for serenity!!!
she'll get you what you need when you need it.

think twice, save your rights!!
when it comes to voting serenity the choice is bright!!
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