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Teeth Stain

What Beverages Stain Teeth The Most

Emilee Hickman

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Teeth Stain

What beverages stain teeth
the most By Emilee Hickman

Ms. Wright 6th grade My conclusion and the results show that my hypothesis was proven wrong. My conclusion is to show that drinking ordinary beverages places a major role on how badly they stain your teeth. Grape juice is the first major staining drink, coffee comes second, then coke and tomato juice third and fourth. Tomato juice showed no visible staining. CONCLUSION FINAL BRUSHED RESULTS DAY 2 RESULTS My experiment is on teeth staining. There are many different things that cause staining of teeth because they are porous. Beverages, food, tobacco, and medicines are some examples. Beverages and foods are chromogenic foods. They refer to foods that when consumed over time have the ability to produce a staining effect on teeth. Data Analysis First, you need to hard boil 4 eggs.

Second, you need to pour a glass of each different liquids into the cups 8oz each. Third, you need to place one boiled egg in each cup. Procedures Dependent Variable

– the amount of staining on teeth Experimental Design Constant Variables –

-Room temperature eggs,

-The container was a plastic cup that they were in for 24hrs/3 days straight

-8oz of each beverage per egg
Experimental Design Background Research Teeth staining is normally caused by the acidic, and dark colored foods/ drinks erode the enamel making it translucent and easier to stain. The dark colored foods such as chocolate, berries, and tomatoes may be good for you but release their pigment on your teeth causing stains on teeth. If the beverages will work like the egg dye that you use on Easter. Then I think coffee will have the most effect on the egg (teeth) because it will darken the egg more. Hypothesis What beverage ( coke, coffee, grape juice, or tomato juice) stain teeth (eggs) the most in the same amount of time? Purpose Ms. Wright 1/05/13
Emilee Hickman
Science Fair Project
What Beverages Stain Teeth Dr. Stephen Ollard DDS


#www.aquafresh.com &#www.coolquiz.com BIBLIOGRAPHY BEVERAGE AFTER
Coke light brown speckles

Tomato juice no stains were visible

Grape juice stained with dark
purple spots

Coffee stained all over in a
light golden brown RESULTS DAY 3 RESULTS DAY 1 RESULTS The compounds in beverages which stain teeth are called tannins which produce a brown color in foods and on teeth. Brushing and rinsing after drinking beverages is a good way to help prevent staining. Bleaching or whitening teeth is a good way to get rid of staining. Data Analysis Fourth, check eggs each day (24 hours) and take picture for 3 days straight and see the effect the liquids had on the eggs.

Fifth, brush each egg using a toothbrush an toothpaste.
Sixth, take pictures and record the results. Procedures You will need 3 eggs, grape juice, coffee, coke, tomato juice, 3 cups, an egg carton, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a spoon for this experiment. Materials Independent Variables

– coffee, grape juice, tomato juice, and coke Experimental Design Background Research If you don’t want to limit your intake on acidic or dark colored foods/drinks here are a few steps to help the staining on your teeth rinse with water, use a straw, chew sugarless gum, finish with a piece of cheese or milk, or brush for 2 minutes with a soft toothbrush and floss.
#http://longevity.about.com Background Research The second layer is a bone-like substance called dentin; which makes up most of the tooth. The third layer is the soft center called the pulp, and provides the blood supply and nerves. The last layer is the cementum that covers the root.
#www.aquafresh.com &#www.coolquiz.com Teeth are made up of 4 main parts. The first layer is the protective layer, called the enamel and is the hardest substance in the body, which is composed of calcium, phosphorus, calcium salt (the same thing a egg shell is made from).
Background Research Teeth Stains
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