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Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by Ava Timmer

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Curt DeYoung

on 13 April 2018

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Transcript of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by Ava Timmer

The Supreme Court
The basis of how the Supreme Court is run is found in Article III of the Constitution.
We make sure that all governments; federal, local and by state are giving the people their constitutional rights and following the complete constitution.
Once the Supreme Court has reached a verdict it applies to all other courts.
We deal with law interpenetration and special cases but we have the power to deny certain types of cases.
The nine of us were appointed by the president as vacancies came about and approved by the Senate and we serve for our lives or until we retire.
Miller V.S Schultz
Case summery: Schultz and the Apple Growers Association want Miller to cut down her red ceder trees because they were infecting and killing their apple trees and reducing profits
Miller claims since it is on her property that they can not be cut down
Schultz says since it harms their profiting business they have to be cut down.
Jenkins V.S Town Government
Case Summery: Jenkins was at a theater and he screamed fire when there was no fire
Everyone started to panic
An elderly woman fell and died
the town government wanted to charge Jenkins with Murder

Court Decision
We are charging Jenkins with involuntary manslaughter and inducing panic
Inducing panic is a second degree misdemeanor
The charges result in one year in prison with parole and a $500.00 fine
Larry Loyalist V.S town
Case Summery: Larry Loyalist left the colonies during the Revolutionary War and came back from the Mother Country when the war was over
He came back to find that his land was turned into a library
He demanded that his land be given back
The town said no he left it was their land now
Fred Scott V.S. Owner
Case Summery: Fred Scott is a slave that was taken by his owner to a town
This town didn't allow slavery
Fred Scott escaped
He thought he was free because he was now in an anti-slavery town
His owner thought otherwise
Court Decision
We side with Schultz and the Apple grower's Association
Even though it is on private property the trees are a public nuisance
They can cause: Asthma, skin irritation and rash or even Niemann-Pick Disease Type C (NPC)
The Red Cedar trees also infected the apple trees which lowered sales
The trees must be cut down or relocated
Court Decision
We side with the town
You left for over thirty days so your property is considered abandoned
Who ever finds it has the right to claim it
if not the land belongs to the town
Also it is a new country so it has laws of its own
So it stays a library
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
BY: Ava Timmer
7B Supreme Court Chief Justice
I am the Chief Justice and leader of the Court.
As the cases are presented before us and we may interrupt to ask questions
and as Chief Justice if I vote with the majority I choose a Justice to write our opinion of the case.
If I disagree a main Justice may choose who writes the opinion of the court.
If a justice disagrees with the opinion or a concurring opinion if they agree with the conclusion.
All court cases are posted to the United States Federal Report so the public are able to discuss the cases we have voted on.
The Supreme Court Part 2
Court Decision
Fred Scott still belongs to the owner
Because the Fugitive Slave Clause found in Article 4 Section 2 Clause 3 of the Constitution is in effect
It states that a slave cannot escape to free towns or states to become a free person
So Fred Scott must be returned to his owner and his plantation
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