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Missoula Household Hazardous Waste Collection

No description

Travis Ross

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Missoula Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Missoula Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Missoula Water Quality District
Missoula City-County Health Dept

Sponsors and Supporters
Missoula Valley Water Quality District
Missoula Wastewater Treatment Plant
Republic Services
Tri State Oil Reclaimers
Missoula Fire Department
University of Montana Chemistry and Environmental Studies Classes

Funding 2014
Water Quality District – $36,000
Allied Waste - $25,000
Missoula Wastewater Treatment - $8,000
Fees and donations- $4,000
Donations - $300
Total - $73,300 + in kind
Contracted Services – $30,000
Staff - $30,000
Public Education and advertising - $10,000
Supplies, tools, printing, etc… - $3300

Year round options
Waste oil/antifreeze/gasoline
Mercury (Thermometers/thermostats)
DEQ Collection Buckets and TRC
Good latex paint
disposal guide
What other Montana communities are doing?
Flathead County – monthly
Billings – Continuous collection (Yellowstone, Carbon, Musselshell, Treasure and Stillwater counties)
Gallatin Co – monthly

Low-hanging fruit
High-volume, low toxicity (has value!)
Industry-sponsored collection
Rechargeable batteries/portable electronics
DEQ mercury bucket (841-5251)
Dept of Ag annual collection
Dept of Justice Operation Take Back
Dry it out
Waste Collected
2,960 pounds pesticides/poisons
2,805 gallons paint, flammable liquids
2,300 gallons waste oil
700 gallons antifreeze
3 cubic yards aerosol cans
3200 lf of fluorescent tubes
5 gallon - mercury

Waste Disposal -
Pesticides/ poisons – incineration
Flammable liquids – fuel blending/incineration
Waste Oil – recycled as fuel
Antifreeze – recycling
Mercury – DEQ
Reactives – Hazardous waste landfill

Getting the word out
Utility billing
Facebook (with partners)
Radio (Non-profit)
Sandwich boards
Reader boards
Community Calendars
Press Release

Keepin it clean
since 1992
Average Car Counts ~ 1200 per year
Average Oil-based paint per year ~50 barrels
Average Special Waste per year ~ 16 barrels
Avg disposal costs = $25,000
Total Oil-based since 1992 = 56, 925 gal
Total Special-waste since 1992 - 18,480 gal
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