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chewy chocolate

No description

Year3 Academy

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of chewy chocolate

The price
This chocolate is so nice you would dribble for one of these creamy and crunchy chocolates it will melt in your mouth!
If you eat this chocolate you know you would want even more!
Chocolate is made on the Theobroma Cacao tree.
500g milk chocolate= 50p
75ml double cream
100g fudge
1 bowl
2 spoons
non stick bakingtray
Fistly break chocolate into pieces and place into a bowl.

Then put the bowl in to the microwave for 4 mins and take the bowl out from the microwave and ster the melted chocolate.

Next add the lovely fudge to the melted chocolate .

After take each peice of coverd chocolate fudge and put on baking tray.
The price is £4.30p
Fairtrade is when farmers grow cocoa beans and dont
get the write amount but fairtrade gives farmers the write

By Zeus
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