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Tha Haitian Revolution

Haitian Revolution Fever Model

Jadyn Davis

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Tha Haitian Revolution

Jadyn Timmons The Haitian Revolution Incubation Stage Wanted premanent independence because
of American Revolutions. Symptomatic Stage Violent conflicrts between whites
and blacks lead to runaway slaves. Convalescene Stage Only slave revolt to lead to
the founding of a state. Crisis Stage Slave revolts leading to the
elimination of slavery. Yellow Fever deaths caused
an increase imports of slaves. Slave pop. decreased because of horrible
conditions. Lived in fear of slave rebellion, used threat of physical violence. Slaves rebelled after 1792 causing Spanish and British involvement. Bands grew leading to rebellion from 1751-57 French can't handle themselves let along their colony. Slave rebellion of 1791 toppled colony. 1792- Slaves controlled 1/3 of island, granted rights to free men of color. 1802- Blacks revolt after French intended to reestablish slavery. National Convention granted political and
civil rights to all black men. End of slavery Aug. 29, 1793. Battle of Verteres declared colony's independence.
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