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No description

Joseph Al Assad

on 12 March 2018

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Transcript of Copy of RENEWABLE ENERGY

One step towards the Right path
Dr. Joseph Al Assad
Wind Power
Biomass Resources
Hydro Resources
First Phase of a Landmark Project
Launching of 3 MW BId
Another Landmark Project... LOI
AREF & NREAP Template
Political Commitment
Soon... RE Projects in Lebanon
National Post Copenhagen Announcement:
12% of Renewable Energy
12% of what???
Total Electricity Generation
NREAP Template
2010 Baseline Year
(1): Based on an electricity conversion factor of 0.086 toe/MWh
(2): Based on an annual electricity savings of 0.06 toe/sqm
Projection Beyond 2010
The political commitment is only for 12% in 2020, no commitment for 2030 yet.

The RE heating represents only the targets announced by LCEC for SWH

Preparation for a complete RE heating strategy is to be launched in 2014
Sectoral Targets
The RE electricity values were calculated based on the total electricity production projection combined with the national targets

The political commitment with for 12% in 2020, no commitment for 2030 yet.

The RE heating represents only the targets announced by LCEC for SWH Preparation for a complete RE heating strategy is to be launched.
RE Cooling & Heating Shares
Summary of Policies and Measures
Installed Surface of SWH
RE Cooling & Heating
Policy Papers
Suggested Scenarios
Installed PV Capacity (MW)
Generated PV Energy (GWh)
Not included in the NREAP/RES
Maybe in optimistic scenarios
High vulnerability and big spatial footprint
High potential in Hermel for a:
20 MW central receiver with 15 hrs storage
50 MW parabolic trough with 7.5 hrs storage
Lebanon has at
least 1,500 MW

Potential with a
mean of 6,100 MW!
66 Gw
58 Gw
30 Gw
2015 Bid
Installed Wind Capacity (MW)
Generated Wind Energy (GWh)
Installed Biomass Capacity (MW)
Generated Biomass Energy (GWh)
Monopoly of electricity generation for EDL
Waiting for the executive decrees of law 288
No strong political commitment
Grid Code

Solar Power
In the early 1970's more than 75% of Lebanon's electricity came from hydroelectric power plants.
13 Sites - 5 MW potential
Launching of 10 -50 MW bid
First PV IPP project
Lebanon first wind farm (S?)
50-100 MW in the last phases of evaluation
Installed Hydro Capacity (MW)
Generated Hydro Energy (GWh)
The Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC)
Ministry of Energy and Water- Corniche du Fleuve- First Floor- Room 303
Telephone: 01-569101 01-565108
Email: energy@lcecp.org.lb
Thank You!
Dr. Joseph Al Assad
A Good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow!
H. Stanely Judd
Total RE Shares
ktoe Saving Target
GWh Saving Target
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