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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

No description

Errin Johnston-Watson

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
The Author: Ransom Riggs
A Brief Summary:
The Characters:
Jacob Portman
Millard Nullings
Emma Bloom
Miss Peregrine
Abraham Portman
Dr. Golan
Jacob Portman is a 16 year old boy and the grandson of Abe Portman. He is the main character and the book is told from his point of view. After he finds his grandfather dead, his family hires a psychiatrist named Dr. Golan for him. He recommends Jacob to go to the island that Jacob's grandfather lived on as a child, where Jacob searches for the house that his grandfather came from.
Description: We imagine him as a brunet with green eyes, very lanky-looking and tall. He is socially awkward, with one friend. He is very sad and lonely. He doesn't think he has a future and his life sucks; but his mother is rich, so it's okay. Also he can see hollows.
We pictured her with dark blonde hair, blue eyes and about 5'7". She is very head strong, stubborn and hot-tempered. She was wearing a white dress when Jacob first met her.
Millard Nullings is an invisible boy, and one of the first peculiars Jacob meets. He's very intelligent and aware of his surroundings. He's observant, and he wrote down the events that happens during the time in the loop. He talks in a classy way and is very kind to his friends. He's selfless, and always cares for his friends.
Ymbryne- manipulator of time, can take a form of a bird, can create temporal loops in time where peculiar people can live forever

Hollowgast (or hollow)- remaining creatures from a big experiment in which ymbrynes and peculiars tried to create an endless time loop to try to make themselves immortal, invisible except for their shadow, they must kill and feed on many peculiars in order to become a wight

Wight- helps hollows find peculiars to eat, look like humans except for their pure milky-white eyes, can change the tone of their voice easily

Loop- way to travel from present day to a day in the past, most of the main characters live or have lived in a loop

Born on a farm in Maryland
Grew up in Florida
Wanted to be a farmer or make movies
Wrote a non-fiction book about Sherlock Holmes
He wrote a sequel to Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children called Hollow City which was released last January
Emma was one of the first peculiars that Jacob meets. She has the ability to produce fire, and thought Jacob was a wight when she first meets hims. She dated Jacob's grandfather, and now she's dating him.
Alma LeFay Peregrine is an ymbryne. She created the time loop the kids have lived in for over 70 years, She can turn into a peregrine falcon, and Jacob first sees her in this form. The kids sometimes refer to her as the Bird. She usually wears black, due to the fact that she is still mourning one of the children, and she pins her hair on top of her head in a knot.
Abe Portman is Jacob's grandfather and the most fascinating person Jacob knows, at least at the beginning of the book. He gets killed by a hollow at the beginning of the book, and in a roundabout way, sends Jacob to the loop. He left the kids in the loop to fight in the world war, and to hunt hollows since he is one of the few who can see them.
Dr. Golan is the villain of the book. He acted as Jacob's psychiatrist in the beginning of the book, but it is revealed much later that he is in fact a wight. He sent Jacob to Cairnholm knowing that Jacob will lead him straight to the loop. He gets killed when Jacob shoots him in the throat with a gun.
What We Liked About the Book:
Very well written and imaginative
We liked how the story was based around the photos
The photos made the story even more interesting
There were some very interesting characters
What We Didn't Like:
No character description
We didn't get to know the characters very well
The book was a little short (but there is a sequel)
The photos didn't always match the scenes described
Some of us didn't like the romance
The Theme:
The main theme of the book was Jacob trying to find closure in his grandfather's death, he always thought back to his grandfather. Jacob wants to find out more about his grandfather and knew that his grandfather was the man he always claimed to be. The book also focuses on trust: Jacob was right to trust his grandfather, wrong to trust his psychiatrist. The children and Miss Peregrine also trust each other. The genre is fantasy and horror.
Overall the book was very well-written, although some of the characters could use more development. The plot was very interesting and very unique. The way he used the photos to write the story was what made it very interesting, though sometimes a little confusing.
Jacob Portman is living a boring life. It didn't seem to be going anywhere - until his grandfather gets killed by a strange creature known as a hollow. His grandfather's dying words tell him to go visit the orphanage he grew up in, which was supposed to have been bombed. His parents hire him a psychiatrist that recommends going to check it out. What Jacob finds is a group of peculiar children and a woman from the1940s. They cannot leave, because the orphanage (actually a temporal loop in time) will get bombed the next day. But Jacob arriving has caused monsters (wights and hollows) to pinpoint their location, and their only safe haven is now susceptible to attack. Spoiler Alert: They do indeed get attacked. By Jacob's psychiatrist.
By Errin, Nancy, Kassie, and Rachel
The End
Him and his wife Tahereh Mafi, who wrote another awesome series (Just saying) the first of which is called Shatter Me
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