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on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of ORIGAMI

Analyze Model
- School children.
- Topic is really suitable for their ages.
- Our topic is about having fun and it totally suits for
their needs.
- Appropriate for learners with low level education
such as elementary school.
- School children may find out our topic is amusing.
- Our learner must be at suitable educational
level to find our topic acceptable.
- This topic can give many benefits towards school

State Objective
- To teach the target audience on how to make
origami properly.
- To explain about the history of origami and where how it
was created.
- To make the audience know how to make a variety types
of origami.
- The teaching instruction covers two domains
~ Instructional Media ~
- Instructional media means an instructor that might be used to implement
instruction and facilitate students' achievement of instructional
- This instructional media include non projected media and projected
- We have learn that learning is the thing that make us to gain information to
knowledge and so on. We all also know that from this instructional media
applications group project, we learn new sort of learning thing about how to
attract target audience, the stages to make sure the audience understand
about what are we do and to use media applications as a medium to help the
audience more understand about our presentation.
- Besides that, during the process of completing our final project we learned that
the selection of methods, materials and media are very important in
instructional media. If the method, materials or media chosen are not suitable
for the instruction, the instruction may not be effective for the learners.
- This group project has taught us how important it is to select methods,
materials and media in an instructional activity. Each stage in the ‘Assure
Model’ is very important for the teachers. The assure model can also be
guideline for teachers before beginning their class and after their class. It can
boosts the their instructional activity.
Origami involves the creation of papers forms usually entirely by folding.
Wonderful teaching tool with many educational benefits.
Origami has been used in physical therapies, mental health and enjoyment activity for children.
Origami has become an important in learning process.
It can be used in introduce in lesson as well.
Valuable method in vital skills.
~Instructional Materials~
Require Learner Participation
Evaluate and Revise
~ Instructional Method ~
- Can be defined as a procedure or approach in giving instruction or to
achieve learning objectives.
- Two instructional methods to share with our audience about origami
Cognitive Domain
- Requires the target audience
to understand and memorize the
steps given in the teaching instruction.

- There are six levels in learning:
i. Remembering
ii. Understanding
iii. Applying
iv. Analyzing
v. Evaluating
vi. Creating

Motor Skills Domain
- Involves physical skills or
- Requires the learner to use their
physical to create the origami.
- The learners will able to fold the
paper using their hands to create an

Selecting Methods, Media and Materials
i. Presentation
- The visuals aid can be used to help explaining and
illustrate an idea.
- This is the one way communication method of instantly
reactions by the audience.
- We will communicate and explaining more about our
topic. The audience can get a clear instruction in how to
make Origami.
- They can easily flow the step without fall behind and to explain about the background and types of Origami.

ii. Demonstration
- Demonstrations can be used to give examples to enhance the knowledge
or education.
- Also to offer effective hands on, inquiry based learning opportunities in
the classroom.
- This instructional method had been used in classroom of all sizes in
various grades and subject fields such as we will to a demonstration how
to make Origami to our audience.
- The audience will follow the instruction step by step to do the Origami. It
also provides a ‘clear picture’ on how to do the Origami
- The audience will eventually be able to solve the same task independently.

Non projected media
- It provides as powerful visual that support for learning abstract.
- The non-projected media material that will be used is:
Real Object

- The real object that we will be used is the real Origami.
- It will show the audience about the shape and texture of the
- By using the real object, the audience will know what Origami
all about.
- Real object provide a concrete experiences for the audience
thus to enhance the learning process.

Projected Media
- It is a media formats in which still images are can be enlarged and displayed on
a screen.
- The projected media that will be used are:
- Presentations by using a projector are
useful for small group of audience and it can
be produced quickly and easily.
- We use projector because even the
audience sit at the back row they can see
clearly the content that have been present.
- The audience will be more understand
about the subject what we are talking
- Video can be defined as the recording, reproducing,
or broadcasting of moving visual images.
- It is an effective way to deliver complex information
to our audience.
- By using a video it can give more understanding to
our audience about the steps of how to make
- The audience also can create and improves their
visual skills learners.
- This is because the students will learn better when
viewing animated diagrams, step-by-step
how-to-do-it, and other video lessons.
- Text is the most widely used and flexible
means of presenting information on
screen and conveying ideas.
- We use text element in our presentation
to describe about the history of Origami
to our audience.
- The audience will become more understand about the topic rather than
just hear about it.
- Instructional materials should be defined as items that are designed to serve
as a key tool to assist in teaching a subject or course.
- The instructional media that we had been used:
Color A4 paper
- We used color paper because color can attract the learners. This
material is one of the most important materials in our teaching
- It is also the material that can meet the objective of our activity.
- Our objective is to make the learners to be able to create a simple origami.
- This can help the learners to practice during the instructional activity is still ongoing.
- We use this instructional material to show the learners of the steps in creating an
- It is one of the effective way attract the intention of the audience towards our
- By using video, it can also motivate the learners. It can also help keep the
intention of the learners towards the instructional activity.
- This material can also help the learners to recall back what has been taught in our
teaching instruction. A video is also useful to show how things work or the steps.
Utilize media and Materials
“5 Ps”
Preview the Materials
- Topic there are two type of materials that we use for our
presentation and this is the type that we use to do the
origami and there are paper and video.
- We use the color A4 paper to make the target audience
attract to do the origami that we do during the presentation.
Prepare the Materials

- For the presentation it has two types:
- First we will give the audience every each of them a paper to do the
selected origami that we choose from the video.
- Second, we will play the video that we download
from youtube and the audience will follow the instruction of
the video or the step from the video and we will make sure
that the audiences follow the steps correctly.
Prepare the Environment
- The presentation will be doing in the class and the audience
must be participate on doing the origami.
- It required the situation of the class to be silent and the noise
from the outside cannot interrupt the audience inside the class.
- The audience must not to make much sound during the
Prepare the Learners
- There are 4 types preparation to the audience.
i. Ask them first did the target audience know about the
origami for example like are they know about the origami.
ii. Introduce the lesson to the target audience by explain to the
target audience about our topic for example what is origami.
iii. Attention by attract the target audience to pay attention to
our presentation.
iv. Increase the motivation of the target audience
Provide the Learning Experience
- During the presentation and when demonstration we will observe the
audience participation.
- If the audience do not understand the step of making the origami we
will go to the audience and teach them how to the origami.

- Learner participation will allow the learners to practice what they have
learned in the instructional activity.
- In the same time, learners can receive feedback.
- The learners will participate in the demonstration of origami making.
- We will call up names for them to participate in the demonstration of
creating a simple origami.
- Also break the learners into groups and allow them to work
- The learners will have to create a new version of the real object.

- For our topic,we have choose the summative evaluation,because;
We will demonstrate the origami and we will show the audience a video about the step of making the origami
Make sure that target audience participate and doing origami as well and if the audience do not understand about the step or they missed the step to do the origami we will teach the target audience that not understand.
After the end of the presentation we will randomly choose the audience and ask the audience to do the origami back and give him a new paper to do the origami.
If the audiences can properly do back the origami we just end the presentation and if the thing are different we just go back to the demonstration part explain it again.
- There are two types of revision in our presentation topic,
i. We will analyzing the result of the target audience participation based from the
presentation evaluation after the presentation end.
ii. The student reaction of our instructional methods and materials, are the student understand
about our methods and materials.
Experience while conducting the project
- When we have to choose the topic that is suitable with our audience in terms of
general characteristics. There are genders, age, education, and grade. We also
faced the difficulties in finding a suitable topic for our audience especially
- We have to review the instructional methods, materials and media that we will
use in our learning process.
- We have gained our knowledge to make a variety of origami. We also increased
our knowledge to know about history of the origami.
- We learn how to evaluate our audience whether they are understood about the topic that we have taught them. By doing the evaluation, we also can see the impact and the effectiveness of the instruction and to access the student learning.

Limitations and problems
- The limitation of internet access because we using the application that only can be
used if it has internet and the application is call Prezi. We choose to use Prezi
because this application has the interesting visual, easy to use and the user can
understand easily with this application.
- We also use a video from the you tube because it easy to get if we has the internet
access to download the video and it has a variety of video that we need to choose
and we must make sure that the video is in high resolution so that the audience
can understand the content of the video.
- The problem in our topic is the condition of the projector and the computer
performance at the presentation places is need and to be in a good condition
because without the computer and the projector that in a good condition the
audience will not understand the content of our topic.
- The problem of the computer is there are certain of the computer is not suitable to
use the Prezi application on the computer if the computer processor not enough to
support and to play the Prezi application
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