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Marketing Principles

No description

Alana Eadie

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Principles

"They value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter" (Parasuco, 2007) "Hipster: somebody who self-expresses in a way that doesn’t fit into previously accepted social or subcultural categories" (Bot, 2012) "Hipsters cherry pick authentic elements of postwar fringe movements...then recycle them with irony and in authenticity" (Molitorisz, 2010) The term 'hipster' is difficult to define due to the nature of the tribe itself. By embracing counter culture and trends that are not quite mainstream hipsters would not necessarily agree to be 'labeled' within a tribe at all. As a result a uniform description is somewhat counter intuitive to the hipster tribe.

Despite their reluctance to be defined by such limitations their are a number of core elements that can identify a Hipster, if not from within then definitely as an outsider looking in.

Urban Dictionary (2007) describes the key factors that may influence their behavior:
Rejecting the culturally-ignorant attitudes of mainstream consumers
Well educated and often having liberal arts degrees, or degrees in maths and sciences
Pioneers and leaders of the latest cultural trends and ideals
Once certain concepts of fashion and music have reached mainstream audiences, hipsters move on to something new and improved. HIPSTERS Macro Environment Forces Demographic
Generation Y - 8.5 Million in Australia (Armstrong, p.82)
Level of Education - 25% Bachelor Degrees (Armstrong, p.85) Economic
Unemployment rate - 5.2% (Australian Bureau of Statistics)
Recession Technology
Phone Apps
Job creation Political
Business code of ethics Competitors - Direct Competitors - Indirect Online Job boards and similar phone apps present as our most strong competition as they offer a similar service using the same medium Recruitment agencies are also indirect competition for JobNEXT as they are competing with us for the consumer i.e. job seekers and are able to provide them with information about the employer. The traditional marketing mix comprises of the product, place, price and promotion – however, for services there is the addition of physical evidence, process and people
JobNEXT will allow job seekers to easily view the kind of vacancies they are interested in, in companies they want to work for.

JobNEXT will:

Post vacancies for roles in the arts, fashion, music and any other creative industry
Provide alternatives to working in dull office environments - work from home or outdoors!
Screen employers to ensure they meet the following criteria:
Provide flexible working arrangements
Have corporate social responsibility programs and or have proven ethical standards
Use best practice procedures and policies PRODUCT PRICE Direct and Digital Marketing:
The use of the online Pull strategy + Meta tags to help consumers search for a product to find their website quickly through search engine's. e.g. as google meta tabs helping consumers find JobNEXT, with specific tags such as Communications/ Art’s/ Music and Drama - to generate clientele from the right audience.

The use of Public Relations:
has the ability to reach many prospects who avoid salespeople and advertisements. Gets to the consumers as 'news' rather than sales directed communication. Public relations create’s external communications about JobNEXT’s services. These Receivers, it is hoped, will share the Message with others. Eventually as the Message is passed along, it should appear to be independent of The Sender, creating the illusion of an independently generated consumer trend. (web-e-books. 2011) PROMOTION Employer
$200 for the employer to post an add on Seek.com.au
$250 for a ‘premium’ ad which keeps them at the top of the page and has more details.

Job Seekers
Small subscription fee of $19.95 for 12 months PLACE WEBSITE
web page that links and displays all the available current job opportunities. Ads have the life of 30 days, after which they will be removed. Constant update of new opportunities

access to all the latest hipster job opportunities at the convenience of your fingertips. THE 7 P's PROCESS Website Developers
Phone application developers
HR Recruitment officers
Careers advisors - resume writing and interview preparation help
Sales staff PEOPLE innovate website and information provided to users. This includes:
Easy to use search function
Interactive company profiles
online support
Email alerts
Facebook updates
Career/CV hints and tips
Forum to connect with other job seekers
Regular blog spot by guest contributors about employment issues PHYSICAL EVIDENCE THE 7 P's Trial period - Subscription free for 3 months
View comments on forum and blog spot - real experiences and testimonials!
View employer of the month profile The 'Hipster' & 'More than a career website......We cater to your individual needs to find the NEXT right job just for you' References Article:
Molitorisz, S, 'Tribes of the Sydney’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 January 2010

Armstrong, G, Adam, S, Denize, S & Kotler, P 2012, Principles of marketing, 5th edn, Pearson Education Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW.

Internet Sources:
Australian Government . (2012). Statistics, viewed 24 September 2012, < http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/web+pages/statistics?opendocument#from-banner-GT>

Bot, S (2012), New Definition of Hipster, viewed 27 August 2012, <http://thehipstereffect.com/2012/04/02/a-new-definition-of-hipster/>

Carles. (2012). Design Notes on the Hipster Runoff Redesign, viewed 17 September 2012, <http://www.hipsterrunoff.com/altreport/2012/10/design-notes-hipster-runoff-redesign.html>

Hitesh B, (2011). Service Marketing Mix, viewed 29 September 2012, <http://www.marketing91.com/service-marketing-mix/>

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Marketing Teacher Ltd. (2012). Services Marketing Mix, viewed 28 September 2012, <http://www.marketingteacher.com/lesson-store/lesson-services-marketing-mix.html#>

Parasuco, T, (2011) Definition: Hipster, viewed 28 August 2012, <http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hipster>

web-books. e-book. (2011). Communication Channels. Available: http://www.web-books.com/eLibrary/ON/B0/B58/076MB58.html. Last accessed 2/10/2012. Rejecting the culturally-ignorant attitudes of mainstream consumers •Not allowing just any employer to post a vacancy. JobNext requires employers to meet certain standards and therefore many of the companies Hipster may consider culturally-ignorant and/or mainstream would not be included i.e. Woolworths, British American Tobacco Well educated and often having liberal arts degrees, or degrees in maths and sciences These are the kinds of job that will be posted on JobNEXT
Targeting those that are tertiary educated
Pioneers and leaders of the latest cultural trends and ideals JobNEXT will target the kind of employers that exhibit these kinds of characteristics. Those who produce innovate ideas and/or products or conduct their business’ in such a manner Once certain concepts of fashion and music have reached mainstream audiences, hipsters move on to something new and improved. •JobNEXT is a new and improved careers website. It provides a specific kind of job that would appeal to Hipsters as well as offering detailed information into the company allowing Hipsters to determine if it meet their own ideals as consumers The 'Hipster' & hipsters are most influenced by the 'experience' rather than the 'service' so a low price is acceptable if you can provide an incentive showing that this will be 'fun' for them (Bhasin, 2011). JobNext will aim to be an easy to use website that has lots of extra functions and interactive options.

The small subscription fee is justified due to the additional service and information the consumer is receiving 'this is the generation that has been formed by technology...its not something separate its something they do' (Armstrong, pg 83) This site is web based so exactly the kind of medium that the hipsters respond to and feel the most comfortable using. By using the promotional methods via the internet we will maximize our exposure to Hipsters
Smart phone applications will add another element to this.
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