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No description

Vinuk Wickramasinghe

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Patrick Chan FIGUR SKATER

How to play the sport
It's simple all you have to do is dance on the ice doing different moves like the triple axle, double axle etc. The judges mark you based on how well you done, example if you landed your jumps and did not fall they will give you points. You can also bonus points for doing lots of shocking stuff!
Present tense
Patrick Chan was on the stands in Sochi Russia, he won a silver in individual figure skating, and also in team figure skating. Chan has worked so hard for Sochi and in the end it all payed off.
Early career
The end
Insights on Patrick Chan
By: Vinuk Wickramasinghe
Patrick Chan was born on December 31st1990, in Ottawa Canada
He is of Han Chinese descent
His Chinese name is Chan Wai-Kuan
Chan is fluent in English, French and Cantonese, and is learning Mandarin
Patrick Chan learn to skate when he was five. He wanted to skate because he wanted to learn hockey. But soon he got really interested in figure skate he kept falling and falling and he kept trying and soon he got very good, so he tried out for the Olympics and he made it. He was amazing at this sport he was like no other skater. He just kept getting better and better. He was aiming for a medal in 2010 but he didn't get one. But he did get medals before in different Olympics, all he had to do is believe and practice more that's all nothing more.
About Chan's life
His dad's name is Lewis Chan, his moms name is
Karen Chan
www.PatrickChan . ca
Wicki/ patrick chan
Wicki/ IUS Jugging system
thank's for listening
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