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Arthritis Foundation

No description

Laurie Markle

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Arthritis Foundation

Arthritis Foundation

How it started
How it works
Ambassador Influence
Arthritis Advocates have...
Delivered $10M in arthritis research at the DoD.
Built the Congressional Arthritis Caucus with over 70 members.
Convinced the President and Senate Appropriations Committee to include resources for the Pediatric Subspecialty Loan Repayment Program in their FY 2014 spending bills.
Expanded funding eligibility at the DoD to include both OA and RA.
Successfully fought for NIAMS to exist and now keep it funded amidst a tough fiscal environment.
Served as patient representatives at NIAMS, DoD and PCORI.
Crossed party lines and captured the ear of Congress.
Where We're Going
House Briefing without Ambassadors
Senate Briefing with Ambassadors
Members of the Senate: 100

Offices Represented: 36
September 2013 Briefings
Members of the House of Representatives: 441

Offices Represented: 13
Grassroots Network: 7,000
Limited to electronic messaging.
One-way conversation with Congress.

Ambassador Program Established.
Recruit volunteers to build relationships with legislative staff.
Effort outsourced.
Ambassador Program brought in-house.

Real-time reporting website.
Grassroots Network: 67,000
Over 50k messages to Congress annually

Ambassador Program:
489 Ambassadors
65% of Congressional Districts
Can be
Timely "asks"

Guest expert speakers
on each briefing.
Bi-monthly assignments with monthly follow-up.

Real-Time Reporting
Unforgettable patient stories
All politics is local.

and we use this to our advantage.
Grow our programs and elevate Ambassador's skillset, influence, and reach.

2016 Ambassador Network Goal: 1 Active Ambassador in Each Congressional District
2020 Grassroots Network Goal: 500k Advocates

Increase reach and influence with federal and state agencies.
Expanding state advocacy effort.
Nurturing the next generation with increased young advocacy efforts.
What Washington is saying:
"She was direct, friendly and quite persuasive...she was the one who brought (the bill, HR 460) to my attention. It was something that I wasn't aware of until she approached me - and we are a cosponsor now, specifically as a result of her advocacy."
-Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) on Anika Eastman,
daughter of Ambassador David Eastman.
“The Arthritis Foundation and their ambassadors are truly wonderful advocates when it comes to fighting on behalf of those who suffer from the disease. It’s been a joy to partner with them on projects big and small, including our fitness walk around the US Capitol to raise awareness. “Movement is the Best Medicine” and AF Ambassadors are movin’ and shakin’!"
"I am so grateful to have had the experience of organizing this hearing for the second year in a row and for the opportunity to work with the Arthritis Foundation. The event is always a logistical challenge, but the end result is so gratifying. The passion with which you pursue your outreach, despite personal hardship, is inspirational and humbling. "
-Rachel Meyer, Senate Appropriations Staff
to Erin O'Rourke, NY Ambassador
Sandi Falkenhagen

Alexa Wesley

Mark Haubner
Birmingham, AL

Peoria Heights, IL
Aquebogue, NY
Jamie Glonek

Chair, Arthritis Industry Forum
Erin Katzelnick-Wise, Legislative Director
Representative Anna Eshoo
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