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Android TV

No description

Brad Grimm

on 28 July 2015

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Transcript of Android TV

Android TV
Who Am I?
Android History
The Android TV Vision
Android TV History
Samples Programs
By Bradley Grimm

Sample #1 - Goofy Glass
Sample #2 - Simple Game
Sample #3 - Built-in Sample
Sample #4 - HireVue Pro
Giveway Games
Goodnight Lad
Getting Setup
Install an App
Setup? None
Really? No setup
To develop: Nope.
To deploy:
adb connect

Out of the box
TVs are Landscape
End Result
Bradley Grimm
+Bradley Grimm
5.5 Million Downloads
Project Svelte
October 2008
Tablets & Other
Project Butter
Project Volta
The TV Experience Sucks
Attempts to fix it
Android TV
Sample App
Android Studio
Downloaded Libraries
1) Create a Android TV project

2) Deploy to TV
Why not just Linux?
Simpler, simpler, simpler

Permissions (Sandbox)

Centralized distribution
Android is just Linux
Drawbacks to Android everywhere
The Lie
Build once. Run everywhere
Very sweet to hear
Rotating designs in fashion, rotating design in tech.
Lifetime of a movie is short
Elements of truth, far from absolute
Casual Consumption
Cinematic Experience
Playback as Usual
Clunky Keyboard
Android but siloed
No store at first
Bad filtering later
Poorly priced
Weird device with a weird market
Never released
Excellent reception
Cheap yet useful device
Just not powerful enough
Android Auto Too
Goal: Convert the existing app
Hirevue Pro TV
Show Video Now
All about quick access with little input
Huge focus on videos and libaries
Huge focus on casual games
Explicitly label TV content
Lot's of images (Even background)
Quick search to find things
Simple for users.
Designed especially for TVs.
But still powerful... still Android.
A great experience done right.

But will developers join in....
Only time will tell
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