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Who are these people?

No description

David Dees

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Who are these people?

Under the surface....
is the Danger Zone!

Millennials: Who are these people and why are they here?
At the surface....they look like me....but.......(THE ICEBERG DILEMMA)
Remember....it is not their fault....we made them....

"Emerging Adults".....Jeffrey Jenson Arnett

-Adolescence stared at turn of century....

Child Labor Laws
+ Compulsory Eduction
Prolong Dependence

-Today, adult markers (completing school, leaving home, financial independence, marriage, and kids) happen later in life............
Prolonged Adolescence/Emerging Adults
Our brains want to live!
1. Sense
2. Connect
3. Act
Zull, J. (2011). From brain to mind: Using Neuroscience to guide change in education.
So, what do we do?
Common Ground.......
1. We all like feedback....
2. We all like to know if we are on the right track....
3. We all like to know we are heard.....
4. We all like to be respected.....
5. None of us like to be judged.....

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