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Making the wrong side of Broad Street

No description

Gray Oliver

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Making the wrong side of Broad Street

The New Product
Restored commercial/retain and residential loft space
The Ask/The Opportunity
Be a part of restoring Richmond's most important city center block
The Current Site Detail
Historic Richmond designated property, located in an enterprise zone
The Commercial Space
The Residential Loft Space
Making the wrong side of Broad Street right....
Presented by LAGO Limited Development LLC
Confidential Material all Rights Reserved, not to be shared of copied without permission
Development Team Role
Louis Adams General Partner
Gray Oliver Managing Partner
David Herring Historic Council(Federal/St.)
Architects TBD
Jordan Snellings Virginia DHCD(Entertprise Zone)
Kurt Madgette Federal Tax Counsel
Mark Hirth State Tax Counsel
Brad Nordheimer Federal/State Tax Investor

Milestone Event Timing
One Marshall Lofts Plan Complete 11/1/15
Tax Credit Assesment Issued 11/1/15
Project Permit Issued 12/1/15
Federal/State Rehab Plan Complete 1/1/15
Construction Begins/Loan Closes 1/1/16
Residential Loft leasing begins 9/1/16
Building Completed 12/1/16
Certificate of Occupancy 12/1/16
In Service Date 12/1/16
Federal/State Tax Credits Issued 6/1/17

Dreaming Today....Creating Tomorrow
The History
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