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Adrien-Marie Legendre

A Prezi about Adrien-Marie Legendre Andrew V Mr. Kaminski Period 7 4/6/10

Andrew Vojt

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Adrien-Marie Legendre

Adrien-Marie Legendre
Birthplace The method of least squares Gauss Galois Abel Théorie des nombres & law of quadratic reciprocity Legendre crater http://ee.nthu.edu.tw http://agriculture.purdue.edu http://environnement.ecoles.free.fr/2bgal/img/Paris/Paris-institut-college-de-france-college-mazarin.jpg http://acm.pku.edu.cn/JudgeOnline/images/1808_2.jpg sophiararebooks.com mathdl.maa.org web.unife.it knowledgeforge.net wqsb.qc.ca www.abelprisen.no/images/abel_stort.jpg astrosurf.com pre-host.com wikimedia.org deitchman.com Teaching & Prizes Early Life Éléments de géométrie Elliptic Functions and integral Calculus Decimal System and Meter Measurement Chess DEATH Poisson Andrew Vojt
Mr. Kaminski
Honors Algebra 2 Period 7
May 6, 2010
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