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For the Indiana Academy's Civitas III, Dr. Myer's class. Group 5 presenting.

Alexander Chemey

on 7 May 2011

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Transcript of Watergate

Watergate and the Aftermath Motive Gain President Nixon compromising information
Gain awareness of Democratic strategies
Aid CREEP Original Plan Wiretap National Convention
Wiretap McGovern's Headquarters Final Plan
Wiretap DNC Chairman Larry O'Brien
Democratic National Convention Headquarters Wiretapped Backlash Authorized by Nixon Administration
Covered up by President Nixon, lies told to viewers, Congress
"Nixon Tapes" recorded in Oval Office
Led to Articles of Impeachment The Nixon Tapes
"Executive Privilege"
United States v. Richard M. Nixon
Eventually Surrendered to Congress Articles of Impeachment Obstruction of Justice
Abuse of Presidential Power
Defiance of Congress's Order Consequences Trials, convictions for Administration officials
Resignation of Nixon
Fmr. Speaker Ford new President Public Response Significant outcry from nation
Spiro Agnew (former VP) not elected
Ford appointed to Presidency Presidential Response No pardon for Nixon?
Unless there is?
Time to "get over Watergate" Policy Response War Powers Act (1973)
New Legislation in 1974
Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) strengthened Presentation by
-Aaron Whiteman
-Chelsie Hafler
-Sasha Chemey
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