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Blue Man Group Case

Strategic Innovation Plan

Ian Sutherland

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Blue Man Group Case

The challenge...
Case Study Competition Bulgaria
Develop a Strategic Innovation Plan for Blue Man Group
Strategic innovation framework
Strategic framework example

Affordable petroleum and petrochemical products
Oil and gas exploration, extraction and R&D
Necessary external conditions:
market economy, petroleum market, oil & gas reserves, favorable regulatory environments, etc.
Blue Man Group: Overview
- Performance art group (1988) -> performance art empire
- Revenues exceeding 100M USD/annum
- Core business: live theatre
Long run shows (US, Germany)
International touring and cruise ships
Music production
Blue school
- Governance: CMP
- Mission:"Multigenerational entertainment that's smart & cool"
- Vision: "...create exciting work that inspires creativity & connects people with their primal exuberance"
- Core values: healthy relationships & mutual respect; creativity, quality & artistic integrity; well-being; multiple perspectives; learning & development
- Focused on brand building
- Desire to "branch out in a big way"
Strategic Innovation Plan Format
1. Introduction:
Overview of your understanding of the case dynamics
Definition of current business rationale with respect to: i) Market need ii) Necessary external conditions iii) Core competencies
2. Identification, description and substantiation of current/future CORE strategic risks with respect to:
Economic instability
Changing market dynamics
Changing external conditions
Internal issues (e.g. overhead costs, governance)
3. Portfolio of actionable options to manage CORE strategic risks
4. Strategic innovation execution plan organising chronologically the actions for i) near term (1-2 years), ii) mid term (3-5 years), iii) long term (5-10 years) including:
Redefinition of business rationale (needs, external conditions, competencies)
Revision of mission and vision
Strategic innovation goals and objectives
Chronological plan for execution with cost structure
Strategic Risks
Strategic Options
Strategic Plan
"Why we exist"

Market need
Necessary external conditions
Core competencies
Incoherence between business rationale and current &/or future contexts
Potential actions to manage strategic risks & deliver strategic innovation
- Revision of business rationale
- Revised mission and vision
- Outline of strategic innovation goals and objectives
- Strategic innovation execution plan
Business Rationale
Business rationale
Strategic risks
business rationale
Portfolio of actionable options which [
manage risks
] to deliver [
strategic innovation
Strategic options
Business rationale
Strategic risks
business rationale
- R&D in harnessing existing fossil fuel sources and alternatives (e.g. coal)
- R&D in alternative energy technologies
- Consultancy
Strategic options

Energy innovation
R&D in existing and alternative fossil fuels, alternative energy sources, innovation & knowledge creation
Necessary external conditions:
market economy, energy consumption
New business rationale
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