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David Suzuki

No description

Jessica Bonin

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of David Suzuki

Leadership Assignment David Suzuki Visuals The Declaration of Interdependence David's Live Speech about the Occupy Movement Citations Encourage the Heart David Suzuki's entire focus is on other people. He doesn't reward them for helping him. He believes that helping is a reward in itself. To feel as if you have helped the environment by saving energy or preserving water is it's own reward. David doesn't bribe people into agreeing with him. he simply states the facts and how we can make a positive difference. Why I chose him? Personally, I strongly admire David Suzuki. I absolutely love nature and it is so important to me that him, along with others, are taking a stand. Trees can not speak for themselves so someone needs to save them. We need trees to survive, they give us the air we breath yet humans kill them without remembering that they are living things too. David Suzuki realized this and decided it was time to change. We should respect the Earth and live in harmony with the creatures who share this planet with us. David is an environmentalist, but he also promotes peace. He's inspired me to respect the environment and to teach other how important nature really is. Enable Other to Act When David speaks to the public, it's not
as if he's above them. He believes in equality. He stands among the people and teaches them how they can make a difference. He is a normal person, just like everyone else. If he can make a difference in the world, then so can everyone else, and working together will just make things change faster. Something as simple as switching off a light switch or refusing to litter will still help. He teaches people that the Earth does not belong to us. We, being humans, belong to the Earth. Changing someone's mind set makes all the difference. Model the Way David uses model the way quite a lot. He does multiple motivational speeches to the public. He shares his ideas with groups all across Canada either personally, or using sites like youtube. David also has his own foundation to help spread awareness about the environment. He's not hypocritical. He does his part to ensure the environment is safe and that people are aware of the damage they're doing. David was unsure of how people would react to the changes he wanted to make happen. However, he tried and is still trying his best to teach people that change isn't always a bad thing. He will not settle for the way things currently are. He wants things to be different. For not only the environment, but also for the people. Instead of ruling out the idea of factories, cars and other damaging technologies, David just wants to make environmentally friendly creations. No sacrifice needed! The David Suzuki Foundation is the ideal place for David's ideas to be shared. Their top goals are to protect the climate, transform the economy, protect nature, reconnect with nature and build the community. David shows everyone how change is necessary and how it will help our society in several ways. He's getting as many people involved as he can. Inspiring them to make a difference in the world. David gives examples of freedom to show people what the world would be like if we changed our ways for the better. Model the way
Inspire a Shared Vision
Challenge the Process
Enable Others to Act
Encourage the Heart About David David Suzuki is an active environmentalist. He is on a mission to protect nature and improve our quality of life. David has high, but reachable expectations for the world and he is well on his way to achieve them. His dream isn't only personal, it's a dream that will be beneficial to everyone. He travels to inspire and encourage people to take a stand for our environment.
David makes appearances at schools as if to target the new coming generation. He wants the teenagers and children to learn how to protect the environment so that when they grow up, they can pass the message on. David wants his work to continue long after he is gone. He is an outstanding leader in my opinion. He informs people of the problems with the world and he teaches us how to help. He back his ideas up with facts and logical insights. Inspire a Shared Vision Challenge the Process The deforestation on Earth in 34 years. This video is one of my favourites. I agree with every single thing he is saying. I'd like to point out how he stands among the people, because we are equal. The audience claps many times throughout his presentation, because he is speaking so passionately about the world. Jessica Bonin (Oct 22, 2011). David Suzuki live on stage Occupy Vancouver. Retrieved from Jessica Bonin (Jan 28, 2011) The Declaration of Interdependence: A Pledge to Planet Earth. Retrieved from Jessica Bonin (Oct 16, 2012) David Suzuki Foundation. http://www.davidsuzuki.org By: Jessica Bonin This is exactly the type of thing that David Suzuki hopes to change. Principles of Effective Leadership
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