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Paint Roller

it's the third week of school why do we have so much work

Allison Chow

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Paint Roller


The Paint Roller
by Allison Chow
Coolest Bibliography Ever
Questions to be answered:
The Inventor
Time and Place of Creation
Who was the brilliant mind who came up with this idea?

When and Where was this useful item created?

Why was such a revolutionary object invented?

What was the process of making the paint roller like?

What are the benefits or disadvantages?

What could be improved?

Have there been changes since it was invented?

Is it the best way to paint large areas?

How has it affected the present day?

Has it been replaced and is it used as much?

Are there different kinds of paint rollers?
The Paint Roller is Born
Then and Now
Yes or No?
It gets rid of paint brush strokes
And makes it smoother
Prior to the invention, people spent many back breaking hours on painting
It has made painting a lot easier
Using a specific type of cover is and effective way of using the stippling technique
Impact and Effects
More than one...
Questions Answered:
Norman James Breakey
February 25, 1891; Pierson, Manitoba

Moved to Toronto

At least one account claims he died poor and unacknowledged

The exact date of his death is unknown

But we do know he died in 1940

The paint roller was invented in 1940

Invented in Toronto, Ontario
Before it was invented:
You would take the brush in one hand
Dip it into the can
Be careful not to let it drip on you
Dab it on the ceiling
Repeat hundreds of times
Then take a bath
Some paint rollers are designed for this problem
Is the paint roller the best way to paint large areas?
Fun Fact!
Another reason why the invention exists is because during World War II, hog's hair, used for making paint brushes, was scarce.
Breakey invented an object that picked up more paint than a paint brush
And it also created a smooth finish
He lacked the funds to supply and produce the paint roller himself
Attempts to obtain investors resulted in failure
In the USA, Richard Croxton Adams made minor tweaks to the paint roller, and patented it
Adams claims to have developed it in his own basement
Smooth finish
Holds more paint
Process is faster
Less clean-up time
Patterned paint rollers save time on detail
Can catch paint before dripping
Spreads paint evenly
Good for spreading paint quickly

Cannot reach deep grooves
Not useful for painting curved walls
Hard to paint tight areas
Could be more costly than a brush
Cannot create textured effects like a brush
Regular rollers are not good for detail
Roller covers have a shorter lifespan
Not good for painting textured walls
Early Advertisement for the paint roller
An average paint roller
A patterned paint roller

While it was still new, the paint roller was just a basic hand tool
There have been many changes since then
These changes have made painting even easier
Patterned paint rollers save time on detail
There are also automatic paint rollers
And extension handles for higher spaces
An automatic paint roller
Spray paint may have replaced the concept of paint brushes and rollers
It is still widely used however
And it is still more efficient than a brush
A corner paint roller
Paint brush vs. Paint roller
As well, there are corner rollers for dealing with tight spots and corners
The paint roller is already as perfect as it gets
It has different covers for several techniques
Smaller ones for nooks and crannies
Different sizes
Extension handles so you don't need a ladder
And many more
If there could be an improvement, I think I would make a reusable cover
Because they have a very short life
Also, I would make a curved paint roller for curved walls
Norman James Breakey invented the device in 1940, Toronto, Canada. It was invented to make painting easier. Breakey was poor and could not supply and produce the paint roller himself, so others tweaked it and claimed it to be their own. The benefits are very good ones, where as for the cons, the problems could be fixed. Not much could be improved, but one thing that could be added would be a reusable cover or a curved roller, if not already existing. The paint roller has gone through heaps of evolution, and people have developed different kinds of rollers to make painting even easier. It
in a way has helped people improve health, because before, it would hurt you back to paint for several hours. It is still used a lot, but spray paint may replace it. And there are also patterned, automatic, and many more different rollers soon to be invented.
Remember this?
As mentioned before, the paint roller has gone through a lot of evolution
There are many different kinds of paint rollers
A patterned paint roller makes detailing much easier
Automatic paint rollers save time on dipping paint
And they transfer paint from the container to the roller
Prior to the invention, paint brush strokes were obvious and not smooth
It would spread paint evenly, and not drip
Breakey peddled his invention to local hardware stores
But he never patented it
Textured walls
Although a regular roller cannot reach in small spaces
Paint Brush
Paint Roller
Spray Paint
Paint Brush and Paint Roller
Paint Roller and Spray Paint
Spray Paint and Paint Brush
Paint Brush, Paint Roller, and Spray Paint
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It is not the best for large walls
Because it is small, so it would take a long time
It also drips a lot, which is inconvenient
But there are several techniques you can use a paint brush for
So it can create texture
You don't need ladders for high spaces because of extension handles
The paint job is even and sufficient
Not good for detail or corners and tight areas
It is not good for curved walls if you paint vertically
Good for painting small things and tight areas
Good for painting large areas
Also, if you're painting somewhere high, you would have to use a ladder
Good for painting most things
They are all easy to use
But they also take a lot of set-up time
And take a long time to clean up too
All good for flat areas
Really easy to get into cramped areas
Dries quickly
Spray paint can apply more to an area
The paint brush is probably the cheapest
They both take long to paint walls
Both don't last long
Both are hand tools
The two of them require more physical labour than spray paint
It can be quite messy
So it requires a lot of preparation
A lot of paint is wasted
When sprayers are low on paint, they splatter chunks of paint without warning
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