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George Washington's Presidency

A Description of what Washington accomplished as president, what his life was like and what type of president he was.

Kirsten Caffrey

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of George Washington's Presidency

George Washington's Presidency George Washington was unanimously chosen to be the first president of the United States.
Washington served for two (2) terms.
Washington was elected as President on January 7th, 1789. By Kirsten Caffrey
Mrs. Wissink
Period 6
About George Washington's Election Background Information Birthday: February 22nd, 1732.
Death Date:December 17th, 1799 in Mt. Vernon Virginia.
Hometown: Westmoreland Country, Virginia.
Education: Didnt have a formal education but was home schooled.
First Job: When he was 16 he became a surveyor and traveled the state surveying land. Important Decisions Made During Presidency The first Congress passed the first tax on 30 products on July 4th.
The Judiciary Act was passed on September 24th, which created the Supreme Court, 13 district courts and 3 curcuit courts.
The 12 amendments were suggested and only 10 of them were ratified. Background Information George Washington's Election What Kind of President Was He? What kind of President Was George Washington? George Washington was the type of president that everyone thought the country needed. He didn't believe in political parties. He said that,"No note would go unnoticed" and he would try his hardest to do the best for his Country. Thomas Jefferson did not approve of most of his decisions and worked against him. At first he decided to work around these issues but eventually he did not accept a 3rd term as President because their was too much politics. People Involved Alexander Hamilton, was the head of the treasury.
Tomas Jefferson, handled national relations.
Henry Knox, provided the nations defense.
These people all helped Washington be the President that he was and he chose some of them personally. The Constitution The constitution was a document made to create laws, Supreme courts, and presidency.
It was created by a group of framers who included George Washington, James Madison and Ben Franklin who wrote and signed it.
The framers met and figured out a new way to run the United States, which at the time only had 13 states.
After the constitutional convention, which was the writing and signing of the constitution, it was ratified and put into order. Farewell Address Washington's Farewell Address was in 1796 when he decided not to accept a 3rd term as President because of the political parties and foreign affairs that were happening.
His farewell address was long but he stressed the topics of foreign affairs, political parties, the importance of religion and mortality and permanent foreign affairs.
Washington said, "Observe good faith and justice towards all nations... It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances." Bibliography Clio, Abc. "George Washington." George Washington. Abc-Clio, n.d. Web. 13 Oct. 2012.
Clio, ABC. "George Washington." George Washinton. Abc-Clio, n.d. Web. 12 Oct. 2012.
"George Washington Biography." George Washington Biography. N.p., 1 Mar. 2011. Web. 12 Oct. 2012.
"George Washington." George Washington. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Oct. 2012. Political parties influenced the United States in many ways. One of those ways is a change in president, and which resulted in a change of path for the United States. Essential Question How did political parties influence the United States? What Did Jefferson Do? Washington chose Jefferson to be the head of national relations. Washington at the time did not know that Jefferson didn't agree with most of his decisions.
Jefferson plotted against Hamilton who was the head of treasury and accused him of exaggerating the Whiskey Rebellion. Whiskey Rebellion Started in July of 1794
The Whiskey Rebellion began when armed mobs were attacking tax collectors and burning down buildings.
Washington sent troops to stop the rebellion, so that people would know that the government would use force to maintain social order.
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