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Chasing Vermeer

No description

Jayne Parry

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Chasing Vermeer

Chasing Vermeer The author and illustrator The Solution Blue Balliett (author) The setting takes place in present day in a suburban area in Chicago by a college. School is going on for kids. Setting Calder
Ms. Hussey
Mrs. Sharpe main characters Tommy (Calder's friend that moved)
Fred ( Tommy's mom's boyfriend)
Frog (dissapears later in the book)
Frank Andalee (Petra's mom)
Norma Andalee (Petra's dad)
Walter Pillay (Calder's dad)
Yvette Pillay (Calder's mom)
Vincent Watch (Guy who owns Powell's, a book store)
Zelda Segovia (Tommy's mom) Side Characters Calder and Petra delivered the painting back to the art museum and talked with Mrs. Sharpe about what she knew and what they knew. The thief was Fred, who was known for changing identities. His real criminal name is "Glitter Man." Brett Helquist (illustrator) Summary This story starts when 3 people with concealed identities, who live in Chicago, on an abandoned street in the evening got a mysterious letter signed anonymously. A while later, Calder and Petra find mysterious connections and coincidences that lead up to strange answers. Then an extremely expensive Vermere painting dissappears in an odd situation. More anonymous letters keep coming, and Petra and Calder are ready to give up. Every problem has a solution right? Will Petra and Calder give up hope to find an answer?? Read the book and you'll have your problems solved in no time at all!!! Turning Point Calder and Petra find the painting of "The Lady Writing" in a university called Delia Dell. They find it in a trapdoor on the stairs. The school alarm went off and a man was chasing Calder and Petra. A policeman came and tried to help. The man got away. Calder got the painting. Petra found Calder laying unconscious in a tree house. Petra woke him up and he was fine. Theme The theme of the book is... "Never Give Up!!!" Number Of Pages 254 Prezi done by: Jayne Parry Wait for it... Wait for it... !! Book Trailer
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