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skill related fitness project

No description

Kindel Anderson

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of skill related fitness project

This is my lovely, little client. Skill related fitness
By Kindel Anderson c: His name is Link. He has been chosen to save Hyrule, a mystical kingdom full of wonders. However, he is faced with many obstacles that he is not prepared to face. This is Hyrule! This shows the regions he must go through to save the land from the darkness. Faron He has to hike through the woods and face the deadly temple of the Sacred grove, while facing monsters of every type. When he gets to the field, he must take a horse and ride to the next region to face the monsters. Lanayru In this region, he will need excellent swimming and diving skills, as he will have to face the rushing Zora river and dive deep into the Zora domain and Lake Hylia to free the province. My client will prepare by working on improving his balance and coordination, while still strengthening his current skills. To work on his balance, he will do yoga three days a week. To work on coordination, speed and balance, he will jump from a square of 18 pedestals, avoiding objects thrown at him, such as balls and chickens. To improve his speed and agility, he will run up and down wooden ramps, that will be more inclined after ten reps up and ten reps down. To improve power for his sword control, he will tie a ball on a rope, spinning as he holds the ball out. He will then have to stop it on his own, with as little difficulty as possible, helping with both power and reaction time. In this region, our hero must make his way through a rough desert and survive the sinking sands. He will have to go through the prison and to the city to save this place from darkness. Gerudo Death Mountain This region, like the desert region, is very dry. However, the sand isn't sinking. He has to save the village from darkness and go up to the volcano. The volcano is active and the entire mountain has lava and hot springs scattered about. Link needs to be able to mountain climb and have good balance on small cliff edges. Snowpeak Mountain This area is home to mostly snow wolves and yetis. Link must travel through the snow and over the frozen lake, up the frozen mountains and to the ruins. Here, he will meet a yeti and have to save his home from the evils around. Evaluation of abilities Agility
Reaction Time Coordination Balance Power Speed Below average Above Average Average Average Below Average Above Average How he will improve Principles of Training Plan specificity progression overload reversibility tedium My client will slowly increase his exercising reps and lengths every week. Each excercise is used to improve all skills, even the ones he is above average in. The exercises will each have their own difficulties to overcome. He will need to keep these exercises up in order to prevent any reversibility. Even after the challenge, just in case the world is ever in danger again. Each activity will be fun and difficult to keep up the entertainment and to prevent boredom. FITT Principles Frequency Intensity Time Type Link will do these exercises 3-5 days a week These exercises will increase in their intensity as they go, starting slower and then building up He will exercise at least three hours a day, with each activity together. This will also increase to prepare him for the adventure. He will be focusing more on yoga and the pedestal jump to better his coordination and balance. Equipment for the adventure's journey The Hylian Shield: Cannot burn and protects Link Master sword: key to breaking the curse placed on Link and the land. Will be used to fight monsters. Hero’s Bow: Also used to fight and open things with targets. It will require good reaction and coordination. Zora Armor: The Zora Armor allows Link to remain and breathe underwater breathe for an indefinite amount of time. It is useful for swimming underwater. Gale Boomerang: The boomerang contains a Fairy of the Winds, which gives the boomerang a tornado effect. The boomerang also can lock onto five different targets before returning to Link. It can be used for picking up far-away items or dazing enemies. Bombs and Bomb-bag: used to blow up walls, boulders, floors, and enemies Hawkeye: The Hawkeye allows Link to view far away distances with ease. Iron Boots: The Iron Boots can also stick to magnetic surfaces and sink Link to the bottom of certain lakes and deep waters. Ball And Chain: It can be used to break certain ice blocks and other small items. It can also attack many unarmored enemies. Spinner: The spinner is the extreme sports part of Link’s adventure. The spinner is a transportation device that resembles a large, medieval top, and allows Link to cross dangerous surfaces and up certain tracks. It can also be used to activate certain mechanisms. Dominion Rod: The Dominion Rod is used to bring certain inanimate objects (mainly statues) to life. And after this, Link will be ready to save the world and get Zelda to be his love~ Based on: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
by Nintendo.
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