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Taylor neuman

on 9 December 2014

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Climate zone Taylor
The climate zone of the Indus River ranges from dry, semidesert areas of Sindh and lower Punjab to the severe, high mountain climate of Kohistan. Winter temperatures dip below freezing in the north, while high temperatures in summer reach over 100-degrees F in the lowlands. So with this land farming, and herding also fishing were big the the Indus people.
Why does climate zone matter? Taylor
Domestication Jacob
Large animals they domesticated include Horses for them to ride, cows for milk and their meat, pigs for their meat, goats for their milk and meat, and sheep for their wool to make clothes, and homes. As the sheep's wool is a very good insulator.
General Information: Zach
The Indus River is Located in Pakistan and through North western India.

It is the 20 largest river in the world in

The latitude for the Indus River is 24.3121° North, 67.7637° East
Indus River
By Zack Hanson, Jacob Vandermolen,
And Taylor Neuman

The civilization of the Indus river
The people of the Indus river valley grew large seeded grasses like wheat, oats, and barley. Their large seeds made harvesting easier, and storing the food longer. The people of the Indus River Valley had a huge surplus of food.
Types of Crops: Jacob
The latitude:
The Indus river is a great place to start a civilization because there is a river, and a river has many purposes also the valley, and basin is good for farming. The land around the river, and in the valley were flat for farming also herding.
Why it started where it did: Jacob
3000 B.C was when people started settling neat the Indus river

The peak of the civilization is over five million

The Indus river people did a lot of trading and fishing they did a lot of art and pottery.
The first cities that appeared on the Indus valley appeared about 7000 BC, but on the river they appeared around 3000 BC. Two only two of the cities have been excavated they are know as Mohenjo Daro, and Harappa. The cities have been found to have a separate sewage, and water system. Scholars think that a earthquake or flood mad life difficult or another possibility was farming became hard because of salinization.
Early Cities Jacob
Indian Sheep
The climate zone matters because of the foods that you want to grow will have to survive the climate of the area,and the houses that people would live in would have to be able to withstand the environment that is in.
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