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No description

Jackie Hutchisnon

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Invention

iPod The iPod was invented in January, 2001. The creator was Steve Jobs, but it's marketed by Apple. The purpose of an iPod is for people to be able to carry around portable music to listen to easily. It has impacted millions of teenagers, who buy iPod products everyday. It’s good, because it’s a fun product and people enjoy using them. Also, many adults, and the music industry. There are many other iPod products such as: iPod shuffle, iPod touch, iPad, mp3 players. When the product was just starting out, it got many sales but not near as much as now. Now there are thousands of iPods sold each day. My invention went from a simple square music player to a large flat screen gaming/ music device which people use for internet, games, a camera, music, and many other cool things. - If I could change something about the iPod I would make it less breakable and less expensive
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