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West Nile Virus

Disease Assignment - SBI3U1

Hetvi Patel

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus Scientific Name: Flaviviridae
Family: Flaviridae
Genus: Flavivirus
Species: West Nile Virus Lytic or Lysogenic? Biological Information DNA or RNA? Structure of WNV Symptoms 1 out of 150, infected victims will
develop severe symptoms Who is most susceptible to get sick by WNV? people of any age
individuals who spend most of their time outdoors
people over 50 have serious health complications due to weakened immune systems
patients who have experienced organ transplant and people who received chemotherapy The West Nile Virus (WNV) goes through the Lytic cycle of replication.
The virus contains RNA, which means the virus steals DNA from the host to clone itself. mid flu symptom
muscle aches
swollen lymph gland
skin rash Mild Symptoms symptoms will appear within 2-15 days, depending on the person Severe Symptoms high fever
neck stiffness
convulsions (seizures)
Can result to...
inflammation of brain
brain and spinal cord to swell
block blood flow to brain
coma, paralysis, or even death Fewer people than that will deal
with life-threatening complications People over the age of 50, with chronic health conditions, are prone to have serious health effects Cause of WNV? Spread through mosquitoes that have bitten infected birds, who bite people and animals OUTBREAK of WNV Treatment for WNV Currently, there is no treatment for WNV. Since WNV is caused by a virus, medications for WNV are not effective at all. So, the treatment for this disease is to relieve the symptoms created in the body over time. Prevention of West Nile Virus controlling the population of mosquitoes
apply bug repellent sprays or creams on body
wear protective clothing
try to avoid going outdoors where mosquitoes are found Works Cited
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