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The Triumph of Elizabeth

Timeline of The Triumph of Elizabeth: Britain 1547-1603

J Hawk

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of The Triumph of Elizabeth

Timeline The Triumph of Elizabeth: Britain, 1547-1603 death of Henry Somerset becomes Lord Protector 1547 issue of royal injunctions to the clergy for enforcement of religious practices invasion of Scotland 1548 enclosure commission established inflationary pressures 1549 execution of Thomas Seymour act of Uniformity passed first Book of Common Prayer issued inflationary pressures worsen start of the Western Rebellion start of the Kett's Rebellion fall of Somerset 1550 Northumberland made Lord President of the Council 1552 execution of Somerset second act of Uniformity passed Revised Book of Common Prayer issued 1553 42 Articles of Religion completed Death of Edward VI 'Devise' to place Lady Jane Grey on the throne Mary I proclaimed Queen in London Pole appointed papal legate to England 1554 Wyatt's rebellion execution of Lady Jane Grey marriage of Mary and Philip of Spain 1555 Heresy Act passed: beginning of burnings of heretics Harvest failure 1556 execution of Cranmer harvest failure 1557 Pole's revoked by Pope Paul IV war against France influenza epidemic 1558 loss of Calais continuation of the influenza epidemic Death of Mary accession of Elizabeth Sir William Cecil appointed Secretary 1559 Elizabeth's coronation Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis between France and Spain Act of Supremacy and Uniformity passed Issue of royal injunctions to clergy for enforcement of religious practices Matthew Parker appointed Archbishop of Canterbury Elizabeth sends aid to the (Protestant) Lords of the Congregation of Scotland 1560 Treaty of Edinburgh brings peace between England and Scotland 1562 military support for French Huguenots Elizabeth falls seriously ill with Smallpox 1563 39 Articles defining the faith of the Church of England issued Publication of Foxes' Martyrs' Elizabeth pressed to marry by Parliament 1564 Treaty of Troyes between England and France 1566 Parker's advertisement issued, leading to Vestiarian Controversy over clerical dress Elizabeth again pressed by Parliament to marry 1567 Mary Queen of Scots forced to abdicate Duke of Alba in control of the Netherlands 1568 Mary Queen of Scots flees from Scotland to England English Catholic College founded in Douai by William Allen clashes between Spanish fleet and English fleet under John Hawkins at San Juan de Ulua Elizabeth impounds Spanish bullion ships seeking shelter in English ports 1569 Northern Rebellion 1570 Assassination of the Scottish regent the Earl of Moray suppression of Northern Rebellion completed Elizabeth excommunicated by Pope Pius V 1571 Ridolfi Plot to assassinate Elizabeth Cecil created Lord Burghley 1572 Treaty of Blois between England and France Duke of Norfolk executed for treason for complicity in Ridolfi Plot Start of St Bartholomew's Massacre of French Protestants Cartwright and Field begin campaign to reform the organisation of the English Church 1573 Sir Francis Walsingham appointed Secretary of State 1574 first Catholic priests trained at Douai arrive in England 1575 Edmund Grindal appointed Archbishop of Canterbury 1577 Grindal suspended on account of his failure to suppress prophesyings Execution of seminary priest Cuthbert Mayne 1579 Marriage negotiations between Elizabeth and the Duke of Alencon 1580 Arrival of first Jesuit missionaries in England 1581 Act to Restain her Majesty's Subjects in their Due Obedience declares that anyone withdrawing subjects from obedience is a traitor Execution of Edmund Campion, Jesuit priest 1583 John Whitgift appointed Archbishop of Canterbury Whitgift's Articles enforcing conformity and obedience among the clergy Throckmorton Plot 1584 Expulsion of Spanish ambassador Assassination of William of Orange, leader of the Dutch rebels against Spain The Bond of Association is formed in which loyal subjects of the Queen pledge allegiance to her and promise to avenge her murder, should it take place 'Bill and Book' proposals by Presbyterians Treaty of Joinville between Phillip II and the French Catholic league 1585 Treaty of Nonsuch commits Elizabeth to military intervention in the Netherlands Babington Plot Mary, Queen of Scots tried and convicted of her complicaty in the Babington Plot 1586 Parry Plot Act against Jesuits and Seminary Priests England's war against Spain starts Treaty of Berwick in which Elizabeth and James VI of Scotland pledges friendship 1587 Execution of Mary Queen of Scots Successful English attack on Spanish fleet at Cadiz 'Bill and Book' proposals reintroduction in House of Commons by Anthony Cope 1588 Spanish Armada defeated death of Earl of Leicester Publication of first 'Martin Marpreleate' tracts 1589 Portuguese expedition 1590 death of Walsingham 1591 death of Hatton Robert Cecil promoted to Privy Council 1593 Execution of Barrow, Greenwood and Penry Act against Seditious Sectaries 1594 Beginning of Tyrone Rebellion in Ireland first of a series of bad harvests 1596 Appointment of Cecil as Secretary of State Worst harvest of the century 1597 Successive harvest failures lead to death poor laws passed Parliamentary agitation over monopolies Azores expedition 1598 death of Lord Burghley defeat of Bagenal at the Battle of Yellow Ford 1599 Cecil appointed Master of Wards Return of Earl of Essex from Ireland 1601 Rebellion and execution of Earl of Essex Parliamentary agitation over monopolies Revised Poor Law passed 1603 death of Elizabeth Succeeded by James VI of Scotland surrender of Tyrone 1604 England's war against Spain ends
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