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The Russian Revoultion

No description

Chase B

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of The Russian Revoultion

Street Fights
The people started fighting the Russian guards
Many of the fights turned into riots
Many people were hurt during riots and street fights
The Czars let the guards open fire into riots or fights to defend their selves
How It Started
It started by econimic oppression and democracy. (Like most revoultions such as: The Amercian Revoultion)
The Start
Russia was lead by the Czars
The Czars did not take good care of their people
The Russians were cold, starving and had not very good homes
This made the Russians very angered, this led up to the war
The Febuary Revoultion
The revoultion was called the Febuary Revoultion because the Russian Julian calender started in Febuary
Many people got mad because their bread was being taken by people in the streets
So people raged an even destroyed police stations
The Bolshevik Revoultion
The Bolsheviks overthrew the remaining powers of the October Revoultion
The Bolsheviks had a new name for them selfs... the Soviets
The Soviets soon launched attacks on the Czars (declaring war with them)
Success! They Soviets won the revoultion
The Russian Revoultion
Russian Revoultion. Russian Revoultion. 2014. 8 October 2014. http://http://www.history.com/topics/russian-revolution.

Russia's Declarition
of Independence
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