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No description

Micha Schulz

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of SCRUM

request for change at any stage feedback update possibilities improvements Waterfall Model Agile Version - creativity inhibited
- written documents have limitations
- bad timing
- inflexible
- less fun
- sub-optimized results SCRUM - representative of the client
- manages requirements/

throughout available - self-organized
- development in Sprints
- daily update in the
Sprint Backlog - maintaining the values and rules
- interface to the outside world
- acts as a central point - provide budget
- directly affected
- special interest in outcome - Product Owner
- Scrum Master
- Team
- Stakeholders - Product Backlog
- Sprint Backlog
- Burndown Chart - Project-interested, but not
person - overhead in meetings/
whole process
- eliminated at the process Special Thanks to Mr.C for paying attention! A chicken and pig were brainstorming ...

Chicken: Let's start a restaurant!
Pig: What would we call it?
Chicken: Ham 'n' Eggs!
Pig: No thanks. I'd be committed, but you'd only be involved!
SCRUM - Presentation by Michael Schulz, Vanessa Soisson, Jessica Oehmke and Lena Korostylova
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