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China's History

No description

Justin Overman

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of China's History

Expansion of China and the Qin Dynasty (221 B.C.)
Qin became masters of China and they unified China. Qin Shi Huangdi was the first emperor of this dynasty. These people used Legalism witch is power and authority of the state to govern the peeps. A principle formed that people should be ruled by this: good people get rewards, bad people get punishment and to top it off, it was ENFORCED!
China's History
Great Wall of China (7th B.C. century)
As you all hopefully know, the GWOC is a wall that back then, protected China from north attacks and influences. Today it's a tourist attraction, and it's awesome. The GWOC is 4,000 miles long, you can see it from space, was constructed by hand, and it wounds through mountains and deserts. It is the most impressive contribution of Qin. So who built the wall? Many people! People like solders, common people and criminals who build the wall. People died of the shortness of time and the hard labor required. The total amount was unclear.
Han Dynasty (206 B.C.)
After the death of Qin in 210, there was a brief period of civil war. Then, in 206, the Han Dynasty rose to power. It was one of the greatest empires of all time. It remained in power for 400 years. Han Wu-ti was the first significant Han emperor. But they all continued with the unification process that the Qin Dynasty had started.
This economic system was founded during the Han Dynasty. Confucianism is a system that many should know. (Duh) It replaced Legalism, which was far more brutal. Everyone loved it, maybe.
T'ang Dynasty (A.D. 220)
By now, the Han Dynasty has fallen. Some short-lived dynasties came and died, and then this dynasty came about. Under the T'ang Empire, China once again became a strong and centralized country. Like before, it relied on the civil service of it's citizens.
In 1523 B.C......
This is when the Shang Dynasty started. This dynasty is the first dynasty ever recorded in China's history! :D This dynasty was a very powerful, political and civilized one, too. It set up the first Chinese cities, had sophisticated bronze work involved, started trading with other religions, were very religious themselves and they invented writing in this time.
Woman Emperor (690)
Wu Zetian became the first and only women empress of all time. Out of her thirst of power, she did unthinkable acts, like killing her own daughter. She also briefly changed the name of the empire to the 2nd Zhou Empire. Pretty stupid, huh?
Ming Dynasty (1356 - 1359)
Before the Ming Empire, rebellions spread across the land. But now, the Ming Empire rules over it all, and begins to mark their territory on other countries around China. Did you know that Ming means brilliant? No? Now you know. These leaders were ruthless, and thought that they needed to rule absolute. However, when damage was done, they fixed it.
Ming Yongle (1402)
Yongle, a person from another country, took over at this time. They set up water expeditions to establish trading with other countries. They reforested some areas so lumber production increased. Coming out of that, China could build it's navy. This navy was the largest and most commercially powerful in the entire world at this point. However, in 1433, the navy decreased, and the empire became more isolated.
Manchu China (1644)
Even though there was economic success, the government was paying too much money. So, in 1644, Manchu took over China. Because of this, non-Chinese rulers began ruling over China, so they were foreign rulers. Then, the empire was renamed the Qing Dynasty. Much of the Han Chinese was used to create Manchu Chinese.
Qing Dynasty (1644)
Despite these other dynasties, the Qing enjoyed peace, security and prosperity. They created the largest Chinese empire ever. But British pressure for trade led to WAR! But, China must have lost, because Britain gains commercial rights in China, along with China being forced to accept the free trade policy and the foreign influence grew.
19th century China
China tries to modernize to keep the peace with the overpowering west. The traditional imperial government fell when the last emperor was deposed of. :D But, the first republic failed to function, with China in a state of anarchy! :O
Communist China :O
However, warlords take control. AGAIN! In 1917, a full Chinese civil war happened. Two parties have now formed. Communists and Nationalists have formed. They fight after WWII. But, the Communists won in 1949, and the Nationalists flee to Taiwan for safety. Oh no!
The Powerpoint and

China now has Hong Kong! (1997)
Before China was powerful, British had had control of Hong Kong, one of China's most memorable cities. In 1997, however, China re-gained control of the city. How? The British literally gave China the keys and said, "You can have it, as long as you keep the economy up and running for 50 years." Why? Hong Kong was too much to handle. Too much land to own. They also knew that China would have probably fought for control over that city.
I want power! No one will get in my way!
Except for me!
We want control!
Oh please no.
Excuse me but am I involved in this war? And yes, I know they look happy, but they're not at all!
I know how much effort was used to build that wall, but I wonder what would happen if tanks were used by the invaders.......
Aaaaawwwwww! They just gave it up? Without ME? This is unacceptable!
I like the fact that their millitary was powerful. Still could have been more powerful with me and a few of my buddies, though.
Hello and thank you for watching. No, pictures of me do NOT count as graphics. I was just there to squeeze the laughter out of you so you would enjoy this, because, let's be honest, Social Studies is boring, especially at the end of the day. Thanks and PEACE!!!!!!
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