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No description

Azamat Berdyshev

on 6 March 2016

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Transcript of Kazakhstan

I-IV - ancient nomadic tribes
V-X - cities developed as stations of the Silk Way
Kazakh Khanate Establishment
1465 - was established in Zhetysu (South-East Part), Kazakhs emerged as a distinct group
By 16th century expanded to the whole area of the Modern Kazakhstan, 3 adminitrative regions (Zhuz) were formed.
Abylay Kahn - the Last Khan of all 3 zhuz, (watch "Nomad" 2005 biographical film)
War with Dzungar Empire 1635 - 1745
Over 12 major battles
1723-1727 - Aktaban Shubyryndy (Years of Deep Sorrow)
Initiated process of joining Kazah Khanate to Russian Empire
under Russian Empire Rule 1740 - 1917
1783-1916 - 10 major uprisings
1861 - Emancipation Manifesto in Russia, initiated immigration of Russian Peasants into Kazakh Khanate
KazSSR As Part of USSR 1917 - 1991
1930-1935 - Starvation
1930-1940 - Industrialization
1950-1975 - Agronomic development
Aral Sea Shrinkage
Kazakhstan Independence
1986 December Uprising in Almaty
Tohktar Aubakirov


Kazakhstan - Baikonyr space center
Kazakhstan – Almaty


Kazakhstan – Astana.
Bridge Between Asia and Europe
Kazakhstan – modern cities


totally more than 15
National Parks


Kazakhstan – National parks

Charyn canyon

Altai mountains

Caspian sea

Altyn Emel national park

Kazakh steppe (plain)

Khan Tengri peak

Kazakhstan – nature & landscapes

7-10 century

Otrar city, Otrar region, 1070

Tamgaly, Almaty region,
14 cent. BC

Aisha-Bibi and Karakhan
mausoleums, Taraz city
14 century

Ahmet Yassavi mausoleum,
Turkestan city, 1399

Kazakhstan – historical architecture & places


Kazakhstan – UNESCO World heritage sites
Flag and Coat of Arms of Kazakhstan

“Golden man”,

Baiterek, Astana

national Kazakh clothes
Kazakhstan – national symbols

2.73 million square kilometers (equivalent to the Western Europe)
17 million population (2013 estimate)
Modern Kazakhstan – geographical position

World’s largest landlocked country

9th largest country

“Medeo” skating rink

April 12, 1961 - First Manned Space Flight
Anyrakay Battle 1730
Ayagoz Battle 1718
Mahambet Otemisuly (1804 - 1846)
Leader of one of the major uprisings, talented poet
Independence: since 1991
Brief History Overview
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