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A Guide to Relief Teaching and the Job Market

A presentation for Sydney University Education graduates

Sophie Honeybourne

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of A Guide to Relief Teaching and the Job Market

finding work
approaching schools
using an agency
CV gliding... Preparing to leave the nest Fledgling the first steps... cleared for take off... pre-flight checks... organise yourself for work
alarm clock
transport plan
fuel (or food and drink!) flight plan... navigation... In case of emergency... in flight entertainment... lift off... resources
art materials ask the flight controller... arrival time
routines / bell times
staffroom ettiquette engage students - teach to their level
look for any ESL / special needs
be flexible - things will change
clean up, mark, leave a note DON'T PANIC!!!!
caring keep a sense of humour soaring... pedagogy - how does it change?
behaviour management
taking on more responsibility wings... a lesson from geese... safety briefing... Flying have a day plan
picture book
theme (books)
casual relief books
open ended activtiies
electronic resources behaviour expectations
praise (stickers)
consequences make it fun!
rebus / pictograms
word games
game / lesson breaks permission to teach
graduate interview
teaching number
approval to teach
DET log on mentor
reflective practitioner
collaborate NSW Institute of Teachers
permanent jobs (Jobs@DET) ? how would you plan a day? how will you improve on your practice? what would you do when you first meet a class?
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