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Is Cheerleading a Sport?

should cheerleading be a varsity sport

Caitlyn Floyd

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Is Cheerleading a Sport?

Caitlyn Floyd Is Cheerleading really a Sport? Are you this flexible? Are you strong enough to hold
a person up over your head? Are you this strong, that you can
balance in the air while holding a pose? Can you maintain a smile on your face
when your muscles are aching? Cheerleaders can do all four, they are athletes. Cheerleading is a Sport. Cheerleading, like many other sports, even Olympic Sports, show elements of sport-like and artistic expression. Cheerleading has many rigorous camps and elite club teams, just like all the other sports. These club teams also have intense competitions, just like tournaments for other sports' club teams Cheerleading Figure Skating Gymnastics Synchronized Swimming All are performing the same move.
Only three are considered an Olympic Sport, Cheerleading is not. Cheerleading is not a Sport. Pros Cons http://www.painetworks.com/previewstn/gu/gu2333.html?clientid=IDABXORB&ln=en&text=
http://www.ibtimes.com/anna-watson-footballs-strongest-female-cheerleader-fabulous-muscles-photos-403036 CITATIONS Pictures Text Like most sports, cheerleading is based off of hard work, flawless technique, striving to perform perfectly every time your on the floor, building character, and teamwork. Ruden, Dave. "Is Cheerleading a Sport? Debate Goes on, but Participants..." Stamford Advocate. 16 Aug 2012: n.p. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web.13 Dec 2012.
Gutgold, Emi. "Cheerleading Is a Competitive Sport, Too." Morning Call. 17 Aug 2012: A.13. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 13 Dec 2012.
Durkin, Karen. "Don't Call an Activity a Sport." USA TODAY. 16 Oct 2009: A.10. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 13 Dec 2012.
Thomas, Katie. Born on Sideline, Cheering Clamors to be a Sport. New York Times. May 23, 2011 Some people think that cheerleading sends across the wrong message to women, saying that it is okay to wear tight outfits, with a short skirt and cheer for boys. Not all cheerleading squads have a playoff system and most high school squads do not compete against each other

For example: In New Jersey not every high school cheer squad participates in competitions. Sideline cheers and dances only helps entertain and pump up the athletic team that is actually playing, as well as the audience, during halftime or time-outs. When they perform an activity as a supporting role, it should not be considered a sport. Sideline Cheering High School Cheerleading Uniform Not all high school cheerleading squads compete against each other. They train in the weight room and perform core exercises, because cheerleaders need more core strength to perform stunts, more than athletes of other sports. Cheer Camp I think that there are two different types of cheerleading, competitive and then just normal cheering. I think competitive cheerleading is a sport because strong athletes are needed to compete well, but just normal cheer squads are not a sport team because the ability needed to do this is much less then the gymnastic skills required in competitive cheerleading. Videos youtu.be/66ImS94VC-8.webloc
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