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Adventures in Gay (Queer Icon)

No description

Jeremy Quintin

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Adventures in Gay (Queer Icon)

Adventures In Gay?
AG is an artist's tumblr blog in which the artist (who goes by the name "Hat") tells, in comic form, the story of coming out to his family and friends. The comics also tell the story of his life from then on out.
Blog's about page: Just a regular guy who happens to like other guys. Currently living in NYC. Work in animation, write and draw for a living. Hopeless romantic. Things I like: cartoons, writing, drawing, uke, piano, basketball, pokemon.
The comic began on February 4th, 2013, with the following comic entitled "When I told my dad I was gay"
All interactions in the comic are based off actual conversations.
The comic discusses many of the situations which Hat has faced in coming out to his parents, his sister, his cousin, his best friend, and his gay coworker. The situations will often reveal the ignorance or inconsiderateness of those around Hat.
"When I told my best friend I was gay"
"When my cousin accused me of faking gay"
While the journeys Hat shares with each individual in his life often begin with ignorance, they flourish overtime until those individuals become accepting of Hat.

With his father in particular, the two develop a mutual understanding of each other in which both learn that the guides to love are not as simply etched out as one would wish.
"When I asked my older gayer friend to be my goach"
At other times, Hat himself is very ignorant of the gay community which he now finds himself a part of. He often feels out of place as his demeanor is unlike most other gay men he meets. He seeks the guidance of his older gayer friend, asking him to be his "goach" or gay coach.
"When my dad and I helped each other out"
Adventures in Gay may initially appear like a coming out story we've heard many times before
there's more
to the story than
what's on the surface
Comes out to family
Isn't accepted (except by a few)
Through time and reason everyone changes their opinions
1.) It does not end with coming out.
2.) Unexpected self-expression/sexuality
3.) Challenges to the Hetero/Homo-normative
4.) Divergent language
There are a few aspects of Hat's story which
make it stand out from other stories.
It Does Not End With Coming Out
Hat's story is not ended by his "coming out". Whereas in some mainstream stories homosexuality is capped at the discovery of one being gay, Hat's story continues on, in which we learn exactly what being gay means for him as opposed to what being gay means according to society.

Unexpected Self-Expression/Sexuality
What counts as "acceptance" of Hat is not always an acceptance of him being "out". Sometimes it is an acceptance of the sexual person who Hat is, as well as accepting that we have no entitlement to label him past what he gives us.
"When we gayssiped about porn"
More so, I think he challenges the notion that gay or queer is so divergent as to be inexpressibly detached from heterosexual appearances.
2.) He does not seek out that flamboyant expression in any of his partners.
Hat does not feel like he fits in with the gay community. We can perceive this under two apparent reasons.
1.) He does not don the stereotyped flamboyant expression.
Hat challenges notions of what it means to appear gay, that gay has a clear definition, and that it is so obviously different from a straight appearace. He definitely says fuck you to Freud's concept of the invert's sexual object.
Whereas ideas like "camp" may challenge notions of gender as natural or heterosexuality as a given, I believe Hat's self-expression challenges the idea that being gay must be expressed a certain way.
"When my goach tried to give me advice"
Challenge to the Hetero/Homo-normative
Divergent Language
Hat often likes to use his witticism and crass humor to divert from the common discourse of "coming out". Though the diversion has not surpassed the conversation of coming out, it has directed it in a way that has put the experience more in control of the confessor, because Hat gets to decide what he reveals about himself and what that reveal is.
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