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weathering erosion and making soil

No description

ted williams

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of weathering erosion and making soil

Soil formation
2. Transported soils
Soils brought form other regions by rivers, glaciers, or wind
weathering erosion and making soil
Two types of weathering
1. Mechanical weathering
Two types of weathering
2. chemical weathering
Soil formation
Soil Horizons
Soil is formed when the bedrock or parent material is weathered away. Can be mixed withe dead plant and animal material
Soil Horizons a BOTTOM up approach
Breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces without changing the "type" of rock it is:
breaking down the rock by water, oxygen, or acid. Mineral are changed into something different
Can Happen two ways:
abrasion: wearing
down the rock
exfoliation: crust expanding breaks rock above
reaction of oxygen with the iron in the rock. Rust coloring forms
1. when the parent material is below the soil that has formed on the top of it
R horizon: the Bedrock
Soil Horizons a BOTTOM up approach
C horizon
This is just slightly weathered bedrock
Soil Horizons a BOTTOM up approach
B horizon
Sub soil is dark in color because of materials
being washed down from top soil
Soil Horizons a BOTTOM up approach
A horizon
Top soil, very nutrient. Has dead plant
and animal material mixed in
most plant life is found here
the removal of soil by water, wind, or other natural causes
can change the surface of the earth
large pieces of land
that move down a slope
Soil profiles
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