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CCS Communications Strategy

No description

Alyssa Curran

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of CCS Communications Strategy

Re-affirm vision and mission
Implement practical solutions by:
1. integrating science, technology, planning and policy
2. uniting diverse communities
3. leveraging public and private funds
Emerge as a key and visible leader in helping to solve some of the most serious environmental problems in California

- Board of Directors - Staff
- Partners - Donors/Stakeholders

- Community members (particularly those in project site areas)
- Potential partners and donors
- Government/political officials
- Other non-profit organizations
- Media (print news, radio), Bloggers
Concise, focused, active, positive messages
> short and specific; informative, yet making the audience curious
> strong supporting points
Opportunities for participation and feedback
Different elements for different audiences
Setting ourselves apart -
specific appeal and uniqueness

Tools, Activities and Resources
Timeline, Evaluation, and Amendments
Develop targeted PR/Communications plan to position CCS as a leader

City, state, regional, national, international exposure and partnerships

Expand CCS public presence
Identifying the audience
Who needs to care?

How will we benefit them?
How will they benefit us?

What are their interests, beliefs, pursuits, values?

Where do they get their
information from?
Who are their "influencers"?
becoming a reliable, consistent source of information
telling our story
engaging the public

Image of the week

CCS Public Press
CCS graphics, maps or photos
Images from the news or web
Images from our partners
Latest news from CCS
Upcoming events
CCS musings
User friendly mini reports/deliverables
The Circulation Room
Current events (local, state, national, international) - providing context
funders in the news
LinkedIn account for connecting with other professionals, obtaining endorsements, joining discussions, and posting status updates
CCS Page on Facebook for sharing photos and news stories, posing questions, and gaining visibility and feedback

Getting connected.
HootSuite for brand monitoring and obtaining analytics
establish a stronger public presence
increase awareness
grow our audience
keep statistics
learn from others, build relationships
Circulation Room examples
CCS Public Press examples
CCS to host Strategic Conversation Sidebar at U.S. Water Alliance One Water Summit
CCS on L.A. River opinion article - Dr. Richard Jackson (follow-up questions with Dr. Jackson?)
The Baldwin Hills story
How many acres?? Transforming LA: The Green Solution Project
continue Emma emails - monthly? bimonthly?
Cal/EPA Press Release AUG 2: Consensus statement in May (signed by thousands of researchers and scientists) identifies climate change as one of five key threats to the environment that require immediate attention. Gov. Grown: "it's long past time for action."
CA State Water Board issues new draft industrial strom water permit: "if adopted, will vastly increase the number of industries affected and impose new and increase compliance requirements
link to CCS area of focus:
Climate change and GHG emission reductions linked to runoff re-use
link to CCS area of focus:
Polluted Runoff: regional methods for naturally capturing, cleaning and storing dry weather and stormwater runoff
Build media inventory:
-report documents
integrating media into messaging and outreach
engaging our audience:
encouraging readers to "get updates," surveys, trivia, pose questions, conservation tips, participate in government (letters/emails, voting), information on LA resources/services/programs
reports and mini reports, case studies, articles, videos
consistency with social media; scheduled messaging; Emma
community documents:

ex. map of food, local businesses, transportation for L.A. River Greenway Trail project site, "A day at the riverfront"; calendar of events related to volunteer opportunities, family/community nights (especially of partner organizations, ex. Studio City National Night Out)
connecting with the press, universities, government, private sector, other organizations:
developing new contacts, newsletters, interviews/articles, events/conferences/fundraisers, speaking opportunities, volunteer opportunities
CCS Twitter account for quick updates, learning about what others are talking about, and boosting visibility
Oct-Dec 2013
Dec 2013
March-May 2014
Jan-Feb 2014
Aug-Sept 2013
Create Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts: maintain image of the week, 1 written post/wk, 2 tweets/wk, begin seeking LinkedIn connections
Send One Water Summit email blast - include links for new social media pages
Promote OWS; create PR materials (1st "mini report" - GSP)
9/25 BOD meeting - 5 minute brief - communications strategy
Grow & Develop
Evaluate & Modify
Consistency & Assessment
Grow & Develop
Maintain consistency in tweets and posts
Develop database for conference/speaking engagements for early 2014; consider publication opportunities (make selection twofold?)
Development of GSP communications & marketing plan/timeline
Send Emma email blast - open question(s) for internal feedback
Compile 3-month evaluation report -
FB fans, page views, and comments; # of tweets, # of followers; # LI connections; % click through rate
which posts/tweets generated most attention? least attention? *print
list of connections on each platform
focus area: social media & OWS event review - SWOT analysis
Update report for 12/12 BOD meeting
Pursue changes (ex. frequency, tone, and content of posts, tweets, discussion topics) as needed per 3-month evaluation report
Create priority list for 2014 publications and speaking opportunities/conferences
Create a "community doc" - format TBD
Keep Exposure List up to date
Benchmarks: Aug-Dec
CCS on FB, Twitter and LI
2 Emma blasts
OWS PR materials (ad, GSP "mini-report")
1 evaluation report
publications/speaking preliminary research doc for 2014
Benchmarks: Dec
17+ images (1/wk; 8/21-12/11)
8+ "articles"
2+ email blasts
1+ survey
1+ "mini report"
1 priority list - CCS public presence
Emma blasts - frequency TBD
Develop and complete 2nd user-friendly "mini report" (text + video)
Planning for speaking engagement and publication
Stronger focus on GSP marketing strategy
Feb: 6-month evaluation report
reach 70 fans on Facebook and 25 followers on Twitter
Emma blasts - frequency TBD
Develop 2nd "community doc"
Explore statewide, western U.S., national and international outreach (Sister Cities partnership?)
Seek awards, scholarships, new funding sources
Add/modify Exposure List
May: 9-month evaluation report
Benchmarks: Jan-May
20+ images (1/wk; 1/1-5/14)
10+ "articles"
3+ email blasts
2+ surveys
2 evaluation reports
1+ speaking engagement
1+ publication
1+ "mini report"
1+ "community doc"
150 fans on FB
50 followers on Twitter
What are the anticipated results?
What might be an obstacle in this strategy?
questions, suggestions, and feedback
Create social media "brochure" - benefits, maintenance, how to use/who can use/when to use
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