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The Da Vinci Code

ESL lesson plan that gets students to use their imagination when it come to symbols and decode codes.

Kevin Wolcott

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The Da Vinci Code

Who is this man? What did he invent? What did he paint? What time period did he live? What are symbols? Symbols are objects (물건, 물체) or pictures that represents (묘사하다) something else So what do these symbols represent? What is a code (암호, 부호)?
A system of words, letters, figures, or other symbols used to represent others, esp. for the purposes of secrecy . Who asks for Langdon's help?
A. a police officer
B. a chief of police
C. a woman (Agent Neveu) What did Neveu's grandfather leave behind?
A. a message
B. a piece of paper
C. his belongings Neveu calls Langdon to....
A. tell him she's been thinking of him
B. warn him
C. tell him that she found the killer According to Landon's friend, the "War" has been going on...
A. for a very long time
B. for about 100 years
C. for about 10 years Are there hidden messages in Da Vinci's paintings? What else can you see?
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