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Typical food of Liverpool

No description

Sergio Padilla Reyes

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Typical food of Liverpool

One of the main dishes and everyone's favorite fish and chips.Otro are the main dishes, but less consumed, is the fish and orange, a grilled fish and fried orange, a delight for lovers orange. The Shepherd's Pie is also very common, but not only in the creative city of The Beatles, but also in places like Dublin or Belfast. The Sheppherd's Pie is just pie minced lamb and cover puré.Liverpool and England in general is pretty sweet, sweet, so one of their main dishes everywhere is the familiar Apple's Pie (apple pie) and Crumbles (fruitcakes coated crunchy breadcrumbs). Liverpool The English have a variety of types of sausages, place you go, where you will find different kinds. This dish is one of the tastiest varieties of sausages cooked in sauce and accompanied by mashed potatoes. Very winter. Cottage's Pie: pie minced beef and mashed cover.

Fisherman's Pie: same as above but with the fish preparations.

Chicken's Pie: the same dish but chicken meat chopped.

Steak and kidney pie: Absolutely great variety of sausages served with mashed potatoes and other preparations. fisherman´s pie Cottage's pie Chicken's pie Meat pies

Next in popularity "feet" that are the meat pies, although the Spanish translation does not do justice to how well they know. Decidete for Shepherds Pie, Chicken and mushroom walk or Steak and kidney pie.
Finally, "sausages and mash potato".
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