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Integrity Matters!

Academic Integrity in an Online Course

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Transcript of Integrity Matters!

Integrity Matters!
Academic Integrity
in an Online Course

do you know how to maintain academic honesty in an online course?
By understanding some expectations and rules,
the value of your hard work can be protected
and the skills you gained deemed reliable to the community and future employers.
Because....... Integrity Matters!!
Sinclair Community College
expects its students, in either face to face or in online courses, to uphold the values of social responsibility, citizenship, and personal accountability.
Academic Integrity
Academic Ethics
All tests, quizzes, and assignments are to be submitted free from
Cheating !
You can prevent academic dishonesty!
Copyright violations
Any other attempts to deceive.
by not engaging in the following activities:
Fraudulent misrepresentation of a student's identity.
Unauthorized use of another student's work.
My Question
My Expectations
My Rules
setting of moral standards to

be a respected and
reliable member of the
... in one's academic efforts.
Academic Integrity
means maintaining:
My Explanations
My Support
(unauthorized collaboration)
what is unauthorized
what are other examples of attempts to deceive?
what are
what is fraudulent misrepresentation of identity?
What is Plagiarism?
Examples include:

1. Incorrectly identifying yourself to take a test.
2. Lying about your identity to participate in discussion groups.
3. Allowing another person to pose as you to complete an assignment.
Examples include:
1. Working with another student on an assignment when the instructor expected individual work.
2. Submitting an assignment copied from another person.
3. Allowing a student to copy your assignment.
Examples Include:
1. Using ideas, paraphrasing, or quoting another source (i.e., book, internet,
magazine) without crediting the author.
2. Reusing your own paper or project without permission of the instructor.
3. Making up references or using incorrect references when citing a source.
This includes copying and pasting information from the internet!!!!
definition: use of original works (pictures, words, music etc.) of another without permission of the author.....unless the works are in the public domain or fit within the exception for fair use. This includes pictures, music, movies, and words found on the internet.
Fair use generally means, the use of portions of works for a limited purpose without permission of the author.
Public domain means works that are either too old to be protected or the works are government documents and are therefore open to the public to use without permission.
This includes pictures you download from the Internet after a Google search !!!
Examples include:
1. Lying to the instructor.
3. Any computer tampering.
2. Use of unauthorized materials.
4. Providing
unauthorized aid
to help others
Where can you find help?
easily avoided by citing your sources!!
1. Communicate with your instructor.
3. Use an MLA, APA, or other citation handbook, as directed by your instructor, to learn how to properly cite ideas and quotes and to learn to create a bibliography to list the references used.
2. Refer to the Sinclair website for academic policies:

Try: http://www.sinclair.edu/about/learning/gened/hc/academicintegritypolicy/index.cfm?searchTerm=academic integrity
4. Learn about copyright and fair use:
Try: http://istudy.psu.edu/tutorials/academicintegrity/
5. Support your classmates by committing to honesty,
reliability, and quality in your courses.

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Unauthorized use of music, movies, and pictures. Even from the internet!
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Picture provided by: http:// isikkim.com
Try: http://libguides.sinclair.edu/citation
using someone else's ideas without proper citation
Presented by:
Sinclair Community College
Dayton, Ohio
Distance Learning
Programs & Support
or http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/
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What is
of you?
Do You
Honor code: http://www.sinclair.edu/about/learning/gened/hc/
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As a student,
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